Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Holiday of Holidays

Haifa kicked off its annual "Hag Shel HaHagim" (Holiday of Holidays) on December 2 in its Wadi Nisnas neighbourhood. The celebration of Hanukah, Eid Al-Adha, and Christmas will continue every weekend until December 31.
The festival includes live performances (such as the band on the roof in the picture above), free entrance to the museums and galleries in the area, craft and antique fairs, and what would it be without food?

Traditional Middle Eastern sweets, such as knafe and malabi, can be bought at the festival. These boys are in business as well, selling homemade snacks.

But Jews, Muslims, and Christians aren't the only ones involved the festival. Armenians and Druze were also represented. These Druze girls were helping their father make and sell traditional pitas.

The caricature painters were another popular draw at the festival.

The Holiday of Holidays also featured an Arab Scout marching band from Nazareth, led by Mr. Claus.

There was pomegranate juice for those in need of a fix.

The Debka group also livened things up.

But it wasn't a good day for everybody.

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