Sunday, May 20, 2007

Solidarity with the Palestinians

International media would have had a field day with this, if someone had found a similar quotation from an Israeli citizen (NYT):

Many residents of Tripoli welcomed the Lebanese Army into town, and onlookers clapped whenever tanks fired shells into the camp, bringing to surface longstanding tensions between Lebanese and Palestinians, who are blamed for setting off the civil war in 1975.

“This should have happened from the start,” said one man, who stood in a crowd of onlookers as the tanks fired into the camp. The crowd shouted, “God is great, and God Protect the army,” with each shell fired.

“We wish the government would destroy the whole camp and the rest of the camps,” said Ahmad al-Marooq, who stood with the crowd. “Nothing good comes out of the Palestinians.”


Eamonn said...

It´s a sad fact that most of the world doesn´t give a monkey´s about the suffering of Palestinians as long as it isn´t Jews who are making them suffer. Arabs fighting each other is just seen as part of the natural order of things.

Sys said...

The arabic translation of your blog should be: خربشات or kharbachat (transliteration). The arabic term you are using means something else.
The comment you link to, by a lebanese is shameful. I'm afraid a lot of them think this way.
But this does not change this fact: the palestinian cause is just; the palestinians are victims; Israel is one of the main buchers; Israel's essence and existence is based on continuous violence.
Middle eastern history is full of examples of arabs killing palestinians in camps: black september in Jordan; Sabra and Shatila (under Israeli supervision); The camp wars (massacred by syrian-endorsed Nabih Berri), etc... Israel is not the only criminal; unfortunately, palestinians are the only victims. Right now they are being blindly shelled, because a bunch of fanatics have forcefully elected residence amongst them.
Thank you for hosting my comment.

mkharbat said...

والله خربطتني

James Burke said...

There is very little mention about this even at

If Israel was sheeling indiscriminately ( and Oh I wish they would) the world press would go berserk including the self hating jews on CNN.

Personally, even if Israel did shell indiscriminately, I do not think the world would care ( except for the UN)

Raffi said...

"palestinians are the only victims"

-oh, I see.