Friday, January 18, 2008

INS Hanit

The Israeli Navy Ship Hanit ("Spear")

There is an excellent article by the ever-dependable Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff detailing, for the first time, the "intelligence failure" (it was more complicated than that), which led to the near-sinking of the INS Hanit by Hizbullah on the night of July 14, 2006. Readers will recall the discussion with Hazbani about this a few months ago.

The article also makes interesting points about the intense qassam firing of the past week.

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Anonymous said...

Hazbani remembering.
Nice feeling to be remembered. You should, if you can, put more time on your blog, I almost erased it from the favorites.
As I said then it was a compounded Israeli idiocy. I am not sure that it easily cured. Also I said that we will know a lot about the Israeli side but nothing about the Hizb, which is true. A most imported fact in this article is the knowledge that the missile was integrated with the Leb. army shore Radar. Also it is interesting that this week UN forces carried joined land sea exersize with the Leb. army which is integrated with the Hizb. and thus with Iran, surely every little detail of this excersize is diligently reported to Syria and Iran.
The pretended sepation between Lebanon and the Hizb. in which one is fighting Isra. by shelling any thing and every thing in Israel from bases inside villages and the other is crying humanity, innocence, poverty, civilians killed ect. was the real not so secret weapon in the last war in Lebanon and it is now operated in the Gaza area. I never uderstood why official Israel again and again say Hizb. and not Lebanon, at least it will make clear to some people what will happen next time and surely in view of this Naval victory of the Hizb. all of Lebanon the Army, the secret service and the whole civilian infra structure is a part of the Hizb. military system.