Sunday, May 03, 2009

Worried about Iran?

With all due respect, this is much scarier. The Iranian problem is nothing compared to the challenge that India and the West (indeed, truly the whole world) face in Pakistan. 
Several current officials said that they were worried that insurgents could try to provoke an incident that would prompt Pakistan to move the weapons, and perhaps use an insider with knowledge of the transportation schedule for weapons or materials to tip them off. That concern appeared to be what Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was hinting at in testimony 10 days ago before the House Appropriations Committee. Pakistan’s weapons, she noted, “are widely dispersed in the country (NYT).”


Zionism is Racism said...

Yeah but the scariest of all are the nuclear weapons of the Zionist entity that are now controlled by fascist right-wing Zionazis. The only solution is to get the illegal, state of Israel to give up its nuclear weapons. If that doesnt happen then Iran, and the Arab world must also develop a nuclear capability.

Besides why shouldn't the Zionist state give up its nuclear arsenal. It wont ever be able to use it. The liberation of Palestine will take place in street to street battles in Haifa, Ramle, Lydd, Netanya, Akkah, and al-Nasara, and Um Al-Fahm. You guys call it the "demographic time bomb", call it what you want, but time is running out on the state of Israel and it will wither away just like the Crusader states, but only faster. tick...tock...tick...tock...

Nobody said...

Hi Amos

Michael Totten linked to this article on his blog. I thought you would find it interesting: The Revenge of Geography