Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cracks in the Republicans' Armor

All those who see American politics and foreign policy as driven by a well-organized and invariably unified rightist bloc should take heart. As many news stories these days indicate, the political climate is becoming less and less favorable for the Republican party in the US, with many Republican candidates running away, as it were, from President Bush, while Democratic candidates seem to put Dubyah's name in the conversation every chance they get. I noticed this the other night in a debate between Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and his opponent, State Treasurer Bob Casey. Casey just couldn't say "George Bush" enough. What's more important for America's role in the world than simply the Republican Party's inevitable ebbing is the fracturing of that very party, in recent times controlled by dogmatists who intoxicated their political brethren in the center with victory after victory. This is the message of stories like the WaPo's piece today out of Kansas. The reddest of Red States, which was only two days ago profiled in the NYT of being -- of all things -- a refuge for Dick Cheney (his approval rating is 20% nationally), which hasn't put a Democrat in the Senate since the Depression, is seeing a number of high profile Republicans turn Democrat. Why? Because these guys, these mainstream Republicans, so to speak, are sick of the zealotry, the messianic politics. This marriage of convenience is a national phenomenon, but has an interesting backhistory in Kansas, where it has always been a rocky relationship, as chronicled extensively by Thomas Franks in his celebrated book What's the Matter with Kansas.

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steve said...

I am quite surprised to see this printed on an Israeli website as though this were a good thing. Let's put aside the fact hat this is probably not true, as US polls historically faver Dems.

The point,however, is that MODERN Dems do NOT favor or support Israel,and will sell them out quickly to curry favor with those who hate Israel and desire her destruction. This is provable.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (published 7/26/2006), which asked whether the respondent’s sympathy was more often with Israel or the Arab nations: 84 percent of Republicans polled supported Israel, while only 43 percent of Democrats polled did. The other is an LA Times/Bloomberg poll (published 8/3/2006), which asked whether the US should be aligned with Israel or more neutral toward the Arab-Israeli conflict. Sixty- four percent of Republicans said "align with Israel", while only 39 percent of Democrats did so.

The modern focus of US anti-semitism has changed from the 1930's or '40's, and now resides solidly on the left wing of the DEM party, which is now the controlling wing.

Continued US support for Israel depends on Republicans being elected.This is incontrovertible by any unbiased person.