Thursday, October 19, 2006

Israel's Illegitimacy

Ahmadinejad: Israel is illegitimate

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's believes that Israel is an "illegitimate state," Reuters reports:
"Our nation has previously announced that this regime is illegitimate from its foundation. It is fabricated. It has been imposed on the nations of the region and it cannot survive."

"The existence of this regime [Israel] is the root of many problems of mankind today," the president said, adding that Israel had been "founded by the major powers in the heart of the Islamic world".
He is probably not too far from the consensus in much of the world today. In the vocabulary of its many critics, Israel is an unnatural, abnormal, cancerous, out of place, and anachronistic colony. For many on the "global left," it is a common-place that Jews are "not indigenous" to the area. Never mind that this is a whole lot of nonsense. Even this statement were true, I find it funny that such an argument becomes acceptable in the context of the Middle East. I mean, what would we call someone who argues that Moroccans are not indigenous to Denmark and that their presence there is therefore "illegitimate" or problematic?


Anonymous said...

fuck you

Anonymous said...

Well Ther is something true about this. Europeans country made a big mess in the middle-east by creating the state of Israel.

What sense did it make to give to some European colonists the land of someone else (The Palestinan 's land)?

Restrospecively all these early israelis colonists should have got a better deal just staying in Europe or even emmigrated to USA.

In the US we have plenty of jews they are among our nicest and most caring neighbors and friends and it is impossible to believe that the extremists and terrorist in power in Israel are the same people! No way! Does Jew have the right to live in Israel?
Of course they do so do I althoug I am not Jew or muslim or christian or anything.

But they have no right to persecute the palestinian people torture their kid, Bomb their neighbors (Libanon) causing thousand of innocent people deaths because few extremists killed and kidnaped few Israelis soldiers.

Thye have no right to build walls in the backyard of the legitimate inhabitants of this land condanning them to despair and poverty.

Governements such as the state of israel that descriminate against most of the local population are unstable and usualy explode. (look at what hapen with the European Colonies!

The only solution to save the state of israel is get rid of the extremists curently in power and form a secular governement that will apolosize to the palestinian people and support them.

Remumber also that the reason for any society to exist is to help the people live better. But the state of Israel is actually preventing the Palestinian population to live.

Remumber that without USA they would be no Israel and the public in th US is now tired of the crimes comited by the state of Israel.

I know that one of the concern is the overwelming majority of the Muslim in the region. Negotiate with the palestians and form a lose federation: The United State of Israel/Palestine or palestine/Israel And be social dam it!

And for those of you that are religious I have to remember you that the killing of inocent people is a mortal sin in Judaism.
So the true believers should not be doing this unless the chose to go to hell.

motti said...

Anonymous repeats the kind of bullshit one expects to hear from his ilk. But what I found interesting is these claims: 1. I am not Jew or muslim or christian or anything. 2. In the US we have plenty of jews they are among our nicest and most caring neighbors and friends

If you aren't anything, hide your name, spew out a bunch of allegations, 99% of which are either dubious or extremely contentious, provide no sources for those allegations and pretend to be an impartial or objective observer by hiding the extent to which you are informed, or conditioned by Christianity while living in the US, why should I take you seriously?

Oh and who exactly are the "we" that consider Jews as "our" most caring neighbors and friends? Other nameless Americans from Christian family backgrounds who pretend not to be influenced by Christianity, I presume?

Rebecca said...

What I never understand about the opinions of people like anonymous #2 is their complete ignorance of the actual history and current state of affairs. Where would you suggest the Holocaust survivors should have gone after WWII? No other country wanted to admit a substantial number of them. The U.S. only admitted a substantial number several years after the end of the war, after they had sat in displaced persons camps since 1945. Another inconvenient fact is that about half of the Israeli population is not of European Jewish ancestry, but comes from Arab and Muslim countries like Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, etc. With the outbreaks of anti-Jewish feeling in Arab-Muslim countries post-WWII it was no longer really tenable for them to remain in their own countries either. And certainly the U.S. or other European countries would not have taken them in.

I can admit that the Palestinian people got a raw deal and that there should be a Palestinian state alongside Israel without negating the authentic Jewish claim to the state of Israel.

A "one-state" solution (which seems to be what you are advocating) would merely result in renewed massacres of Jews and a huge flight of Jewish refugees. And what country would take all of them in? I don't notice anyone lining up to do that.

Compromise is the answer, not the unilaterial steps you advocate.