Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Gemayel Assassination

Pierre Gemayel Jr. (1972-2006)

Zvi Bar'el has a somewhat confused and confusing analysis of the Pierre Gemayel assassination that rocked Beirut today. On the one hand, Bar'el claims that "pure political and diplomatic logic makes it difficult to see Damascus behind the assassination." On the other hand, he concludes that
One of the Syrian intelligence organizations might have been behind the act, as revenge on those it deems responsible for the bashing it will take at an international tribunal.
It's plausible that the order did not come from Assad this time around. But the pro-Syrian forces in Lebanon have been agitating for a coup for months. Meanwhile, the Hizbullah lovers are going wild with conspiracy theories blaming March 14 for assassinating the Christian minister in order to cement the current government's hold on power. Abu Kais writes that
Pro-Syrian minister Suleiman Franjieh, who was interior minister when Hariri assassination, has practically accused Pierre Gemayel of assassinating himself during an interview with NBN.
Please refer to the coverage by Abu Kais on From Beirut to the Beltway, by Michael Totten, and by Anton Efendi on Across the Bay.

We extend our sympathy to all the mourners.


Anonymous said...

"Hizbullah lovers"
Why is Italy a supporter of hizbulla and what could they gain other than furthering their foothold in the region? Why?
Food for thought......

Amos said...

Thanks for reading, anonymous. Why do you call Italy "a supporter of Hizbullah"? I think the Italians just seized the opportunity opened up by France's initial dithering about contributing troops to the new UNIFIL force. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Mr."Anonymous" was I, tod0001, I was in a hurry and had trouble logging in....
I am not ready to say all that I suspect about Italy right now but, having Italians on the ground does give them more ability to carry out other things......
Remember that Italy had enough "contacts" within hizbullah to be involved with setting-up "talks" about the two soldier/hostage's release...
Also look here;

Amos said...

Dear Tod,

I read your post on the Italians. I'm really not sure. It's a bit too speculative for me at this point, and I am not sure I really see the incentives for Italy. As for the contacts - I wouldn't regard those as evidence of special Italo-Hezbo relations. The Germans too have been involved in mediation efforts.

That line in the Ha'aretz article you cited ("200 other foreign nationals") was a bit vague, you're right, but I don't think there is anything sinister behind it.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend and that you were able to stay away from airports!