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Rahm Emanuel: Rahmbo?

So who deserves credit for the Democrats' stunning victory in this week's midterms? Chuck Schumer ran the national party's Senate effort with remarkable acumen and discipline, but without "Macacagate," George Allen wins in Virginia and the Republicans hold one chamber. In tallying winners and losers, some are obvious: Cheney and, obviously, Rummy, lose out to the Bush père camp of realists and diplomats. As for winners, it's harder than ever to adjudicate between the competing claims of Rahm Emanuel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Howard Dean, chariman of the Democratic National Committee. A highly publicized philosophical conflict between the two men has set those who want to build long-term Democratic "infrastructure" through a "50-state strategy" against those, like Rahmbo, who want to find a few good centrist Democratic candidates and drench them with money.

Clearly, no one deserves that much credit. It's the Republicans who lost this election with bad policy and bad politics. But Rahm's going to get the credit, and Howard Dean is going to become the martyr of the liberal wing of the party. In other words, behind the banter over credit and ideas a battle for power is being fought, and it sounds like Rahm and Co. are going to win. Hell, as the NYT reports today, one of Rahm's favorite candidates, Harold Ford, who ran an impressive but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for Senate in Tennessee, may replace Dean in his capacity as head of the DNC! If you study the results, however, you find that Rahm's picks weren't so stellar. He supported a number of conservative Democrats in Kentucky who failed to unseat incumbents. Much was made of Iraq War vet and double amputee Tammy Duckworth's campaign in the Chicago suburbs that border on Emanuel's district.. he personally contributed a pretty penny to her campaign, which, in the end, came up short. By contrast, a former staffer for Patrick Murphy told me last night that the Pennsylvania representative-elect and Iraq vet had often vented about Rahm's intense support of Duckworth and relative neglect of his own effort to wrest a seat away from the GOP.

Whither Rahm? While Emanuel seems to have abandoned hope of becoming Majority Whip in the face of the compelling wishes of the Black Caucus, you can be sure he won't be going away. This is a guy who, as a senior advisor to Bill Clinton, walked up to Tony Blair before his first appearance with the American President and told him: "This is important, don't *##% it up." It will be interesting to see this son of an Israeli pediatrician continue to rise in the Democratic ranks. What will be made of his ties to Israel? Emanuel served as a non-combatant in the IDF during the first Gulf War. His middle name is -- of all things -- Israel. But it is safe to say, that whatever others make of the connection, Emanuel himself, who has staked his career on a take-no-prisoners strategy that eschews ideology, won't give us bloggers much grist on this issue.


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Israel & Palestine
In the context of current events in Israel, two players’ voices have been ignored by mainstream media and the Jewish community. First George Galloway M.P. from Britain speaks and then an orthodox rabbi speaks. Add to this the prophetic essay recently published on Portland Indymedia by me, and what we see is that despite popular thinking, Israel is not where the remnant of God’s people reside in any large numbers.
August 15, 2006
The SkyNews Debate Transcript
"You Don't Give a Damn!"

Anna:How can you justify your support for Hizbollah and its leader Sheikh Hassen Nasrullah?
Galloway: What a preposterous way to introduce an item! What a preposterous first question! Twenty-four years ago, on the day my daughter was born and I have just celebrated her 24th birthday, I had to dash at the maternity to see giving birth, from a mass demonstration in London against the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon. Israel has been invading and occupying Lebanon all of my 24 years of my daughter's life. The Hezbollah are a part of the Lebanese Resistance who are trying to drive, having successfully driven most Israelis from their land in 2000 – to drive Israel from the rest of their land and to get back those thousands of Lebanese prisoners who are kidnapped by Israel under the terms of their illegal occupation of Lebanon. It's Israel that is invading Lebanon! It's Israel that is attacking Lebanon, not Lebanon that's attacking Israel! You've just been carrying a report "Ten Israeli Soldiers on the border getting ready to invade Lebanon, and you ask us to mourn that operation as if there were some kind of war crime! Israel is invading Lebanon and has killed 30 times more Lebanese civilians than have died in Israel. So, it's you who should be justifying the evident bias, which is written on every line of your face and is in every nuance of your voice and is loaded in every question that you ask.
Anna: Right put your finger on the button, didn't you when you said that the Hezbollah was set up back in the 1980s in order to remove every Israeli soldier from Lebanese soil as YOU said had been achieved that in 2000. This is a set back.
Galloway: No, they didn't! This is a key point you are concealing from your viewers! Israel was forced out of MOST of South Lebanon in 2000! It still occupies a part of Lebanon since 2000
Anna: (Interruption by Anna).subject to this latest UN draft resolution
(Galloway does not stop) Thousands - thousands of Lebanese prisoners have been kidnapped by Israel. Hezbollah
(Interruption by Anna who speaks at the same time as Mr. Galloway): I spoke a moment ago to the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman who said that the three Lebanese (Galloway does not stop and speaks at the same time as the Broadcaster) and the Lebanese government want them to be released. (Anna continues): who have been captured.
(Galloway proceeds) No, no! Not those! These are not the prisoners!
(Anna keeps on talking) perhaps you would like to use that word
Galloway: No, oh, please! Have a slightly longer memory than 4 weeks. I'm talking about the thousands of prisoners taken during the Israeli occupation, illegal occupation of South Lebanon. These are the prisoners that have to be released in exchange of the Israeli soldiers that were captured in the beginning of this wave of the crisis.
Anna: Can I ask you about a report that is in today's Sunday Telegraph, which says that Iran has given Hezbollah long-range missiles capable of targeting any part of Israel. Iran, according to this Iranian MP who helped found Hezbollah has also said that Iran has given the organization, authorization rather, to target Tel Aviv. Can you blame Israel for wanting to destroy these missiles?
Galloway: America has given Israel missiles that can target not just every city in Lebanon, but every city in the Arab and Muslim world including Iran! Why should America be allowed to give long range missiles to Israel including hundreds of nuclear missiles, but
(Anna interrupts) Because it's given it to a terrorist organization!
Galloway: But, they are not a terrorist organization! Only in the mind of Rupert Murdoch's Sky and The Times and the .
(Anna interrupts) I wont, come on! I want to stop you there, Mr Galloway! Prescribed terrorist organization.
Galloway: They are not a terrorist organization! It's Israel who is the terrorist
(Anna continues talking at the same time) One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. We know that perfectly well.
Galloway: (speaking at the same time) Precisely. Precisely.
Anna: (speaking at the same time) In most people's eyes they are deemed to be
(Galloway keeps on talking) No, they are not! They are not!
(Anna continues her interruption) They had a choice, let's understand this, they have a choice, like the IRA, to take politics!
Galloway: (speaking at the same time) No, no, no, they have nothing to do with the IRA! Listen Anna!
Anna: (not listening) I'm saying they have a choice to absorb the idea of politics. They have two Hezbollah Cabinet Ministers.
Galloway: Anna! You are right! Listen.
Anna: (keeps interrupting and talking at the same time)
Galloway: Are we going to shout upon each other? Anna! One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. You are totally wrong in saying that in most people's eyes Hezballah are terrorists. In most people's eyes, Israel is a terrorist state! The fact that you cannot comprehend that fact that leads to the bias, which runs through all your reporting, and every question you've been asking me in that interview.
Anna: Hn hn! Can I ask you one question? I was relating to the IRA and Shin Fein who have decided to embrace politics. Hezbollah had the chance to embrace politics. They've already got two Cabinet ministers well respected in the South.
Galloway: They ARE the people of the South of Lebanon!
Anna: If you listen to me, I'm saying they've got two Cabinet Ministers already, they had a chance to do that, why did they need to capture and kill Israeli soldiers on the border.
Galloway: Because Israel occupied their country!
(Anna not listening and continues) Surely that sets back their ambition to be a political force inside a democratic Lebanon.
Galloway: Look, because Israel occupies their country and holds thousands of their compatriots as kidnapped hostages in their dungeons! It's really very simple except if you think only in a clock that goes back four weeks. If you know, and you are old enough to know better that this origins of this conflict are not four weeks or four years or fourteen years but are decades all. You want people to think that the crisis started when the clock started ticking on Sky News.
Anna: I don't, I don't at all. I want to ask you one - I want to ask you one final question. Do you think that the four weeks as we've seen that you've mentioned, the 28 days of this crisis, has set back Hezbollah's ambitions, not only on Israeli soldiers on the border
(Galloway tries to answer, but is stopped by Anna.)Hezbollah is winning the war you've just reported. Let me finish! Let me finish! Would you mind let me finish, please! Not only on Israeli soldiers over the borders in sizable numbers but also there claims to be a good political organization to help a democratic Lebanese government with the Syrians who've also now left, an independent state. That's also come to blows as well!
Galloway: What a silly question! What a silly person you are! Hezballah is winning the war, if you could see on the other half of the screen. Hezballah is more popular today
Anna: (interrupts) That does not answer my question!
Galloway: Hezballah is more popular today in Lebanon amongst Christians, amongst Sunnis, amongst Shiite, amongst all Arabs, amongst all Muslims than it has ever been! It's Israel who's lost the war, and Bush and Blair for politically organizing the war, who've lost politically. This is a defeat of Bush and Blair and Israel. Everybody but you can see it!
Anna: OK. Let me separate out that question then. Is it a setback given that Hezbollah was set up in order to get Israeli soldiers off Lebanese soil, but there are now more Lebanese soldiers on Lebanese soil than there were 26 days ago?
Galloway: Well, they seem to be getting a bloody good hiding on the other side of the screen I am watching, May be you can't see it, but I'm watching them getting a bloody good hiding! So, if that's a success, I'm not sure what failure would look like! The reality is that this conflict would go on. The United Nations resolutions solve nothing! Gives Lebanon nothing! Gives prisoners in Israeli dungeons nothing! And as (Anne Clewd) my erstwhile colleague was just saying, Israel has just kidnapped even more Palestinian politicians, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and thousands of others held in Israeli dungeons. This war will continue until the overall settlement is reached. That settlement must mean Israel withdrawal from all occupied territories that it currently hold since the war in 1967, the release of all political prisoners, and a state for the Palestinians with East Jerusalem as its Capital. No justice, no peace! You're not going out as a newscaster in Jerusalem anytime soon, believe me.
Anna: Well, as usual it prompted a huge email response for and against you Mr Galloway, so we'll leave it there. I have to say that some people might find it offensive when more families are mourning their dead to hear you say that it was a bloody good fight and so!
Galloway: You don't give a damn! You don't even know about the Palestinian families! You don't even know that they exist! Tell me the name of one member of the seven members of the same family swatted on the beach in Gaza by an Israeli warship! You don't even know their name, but you know the name of every Israeli soldier who've been taken prisoner in this conflict because you believe whether you know it or not that Israeli blood is more valuable than that the blood of Lebanese or Palestinian! That's the truth! And the discerning of your viewers already know it!
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Jews United Against Zionism interviewed on Fox News
The Neturai Karta are a minor fringe Hassidic sect who get publicity because their position is bizarre compared to most of the rest of the world’s Jews. It says something for Israeli society that they let them be and aren’t harassed or especially marginalized.
Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish Rabbis met with President Ahmadinejad of Iran
Orthodox Jews Demand End to Zionist Atrocities in the Middle East
July 18, 2006 – New York
The brutal and indiscriminate attack upon the people and infrastructure of Lebanon by the Zionist State "Israel" is a crime against all basic standards of decency and humanity. The excuse given for this murderous invasion was the attack by Hezballah on the IDF. What this might have to do with the hundreds of thousands of Lebanese innocent men, women and children, who are subjected to an ongoing living hell, is beyond comprehension. Indeed, this current aggression is only the second chapter of the recent viciousness; the first being the furious reinvasion of Gaza and the onslaught on its civilians and the ruination of its basic human services. Of course, voices may be heard that the IDF are simply responding. This, of course, ignores the question of the evil, implicit in punishing blameless people for the deeds of others. And it totally ignores the root of the problem, the dispossession and subjugation of the Palestinian people, which began in 1948, was expanded in 1967 and continues unabated to this day. The crux of the matter is that beyond the immorality of the Zionist treatment of the Palestinians remains the ultimate fact -- the ideology of Zionism and ensuing establishment of the Zionist state conflicts with the basic teachings of Judaism.
Zionism is the transformation from Judaism, a G-dliness and spirituality, into a G-dlessness, materialism with nationalistic aspirations. Theodor Herzl and his cohorts, the fathers of this relatively new ideology of Zionism (approximately 100 years), have taken the Almighty out of the equation. The ultimate establishment of the Zionist State, the fulfilment of the Zionist ideology, takes this blasphemy a step further. The Jewish people were sent into exile by Divine decree. They where then expressly commanded by the Almighty, not to attempt to leave their exilic existence through any human intervention. They were expressly forbidden to create their own state, such as the Zionist state of "Israel". (Talmud, Tractate Kesuboth, p.111). The Jewish people are forbidden to oppress another people. The creation of the State of "Israel" came about through the theft from, subjugation, and oppression of the Palestinian people. Torah Jewry, therefore, condemns the horrifying suffering inflicted upon both the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Because of all of the above, all attempts to achieve peace and stability for "Israel" are destined to fail. The Creator cannot be defied with impunity.
The Rabbis stated, that the State of "Israel" will result in unending pain, suffering and bloodshed. May the Almighty protect His creations.
The State of "Israel" does not speak in the name of Jews, they have stolen the name "Israel" from the Jewish people. Jews are commanded to be loyal citizens in every country in which they reside. Zionism and the State of "Israel", is the main cause of the exacerbation of anti Semitism universally. The government of the illegitimate State of "Israel", continually attempts to uproot the Torah and its statutes. They persistently oppress the Torah true Jews who reside in its borders.
We pray that all misery in the Holy Land and Lebanon, shall come to an end and that Zionism, the root of the suffering, continue to fade from Jewish consciousness, to be replaced by the faith of Torah. We shall all witness soon the peaceful dismantlement of the Zionist State "Israel". May we merit seeing the day when all humanity will serve the Almighty in harmony and peace. Amen.

Where is the Vision of Hope?

Summary: The recent U.S. election results represent not another move by the powerful Elite, but rather a retreat in their unfettered desire to control Oil. Now is the moment to seize the day. Jeremy Rifkin wrote in his Hydrogen Economy a historical perspective whose time has now come. We must shift to a hydrogen economy and build it along the lines of the Internet with open source programming. Saving the state of Israel is a false Zionist dream.

The vision of hope is not for those who would wrest from Creator the chosen time and place for the End of All Things. When the leaves turn gold and red with brilliant fire, even the gray of winter rains cannot restrain. That coming will be with joy and fire. It will burn the weakened embers of human desire, stilling them. Hope will rise. Memories of simple families, steady chores, laughter, and a warm meal after a hard day's work, they will return.
Palestine writhes in torment beneath the cruel hand of Zionists. The Keepers of the Law have few that live in Israel. This deep secret revealed, the balance of power shifts. No longer can evangelicals be swayed to a physical memory. Their leaders are masked behind Straussian puppets that dangle uselessly. Field Marshall Rumsfeld is in disgrace. Cheney, fat with artificial heart valves pumping relentlessly, knows the jig is up. The faceless dummy George has barely enough humanity to realize his soon demise.
Who are these faceless puppet masters that imprint themselves on innocents from one generation to the next, whose wealth accumulates over centuries, whose grasp of history, arcane arts, and science gives them power? It does not matter. They are become faceless worms that will burn in eternal torment.
In the forest, climate change has brought noticeable differences. Always before, rains would begin while summer warmth lingered. This year the land remained dry during September. Ocean currents changed great life bringing winds. When the rains arrived, stronger and more robust, the pent-up deluge caused floods. The mycrorhizzal aggregates formed mushrooms, only to be frozen into pulp before the worms could feed or pickers harvest their bounty.
No one knew if the End was to Be or if we must continue on. Sitting uselessly in coffee shops, or wandering Portland's streets, this was the mark of youth without vision. With vision comes hope. Keep your co-ops, your ceremonies, and your families warm. In history these times can be weathered with reason or winnowed with despair. With vision, the old age of oil must be left behind. A hydrogen economy with self-sufficient Internets of energy beckons. Keep hope alive.

Israeli Soldier Speaks out against occupation
author: Jamal Khoury e-mail:
An Israeli Soldier describes the horrors the Palestinians are facing and describes the occupation in horrific detail.
Standing at 6'1, with strong build, a full beard, and long dark hair, Yehuda Shaul seems like an unassuming young man. Wearing dark cargo pants, and a long-sleeved blue shirt, he paces back and forth taking in the whole room. It's hard to notice at first but his blue velvet kippa (skull cap) rests easily on his head. His voice is mellow and calm. He has a disarming smile that lights up his entire face when he's happy and talking about the things he loves (one of which is football). But behind the smiles and the passion for the world's most popular sport is a young man who has seen and done things no young person should ever have to endure. A soldier is born He was born in Jerusalem, the son of an American born father and Canadian-born mother who immigrated to Israel in 1973, the year of the Yom Kippur War. The 24 year old, much like every other male in Israel, was drafted into the army at the age of 18. Everyone is obliged by law to serve in the military; men serve for three years and women for two. Shaul wanted to serve in the Israel Army not because he was required, but rather that he wanted to. "I went because to me, it was obvious since I was five or six that I was going to be a soldier, that when my time comes at the age of 18, I will join the army ... The only question was, will I join the regular army or be an elite commander in the army," he says. During a very powerful and emotional ceremony at the Western Wall, Shaul swore an loyalty oath with his fellow soldiers, promising to protect Israel. But towards the end of his time in the army, Shaul remembers something that began to change his view about the Israeli Army and Israel's defense against terrorism. He explains, "Somewhere around three months before the end of my time in the army, I began to think about my life as a civilian. Trying for the first time after two years and ten months of living military life ... trying for the first time to ask myself who is Yehuda? Who am I, what do I want to become? And for me that moment was a very terrifying moment. It was a moment to stop thinking about being as a professional combat soldier and start thinking like a civilian. Stop thinking from inside and start observing from outside what's going on. "It's a very terrifying moment because, in one second the military terminology and the way of thinking doesn't apply to you anymore and in one second you lose the justification for 95 percent of actions you took part in the past two years and ten months. "And when I felt that, I felt that something mad was going on around me. I felt I can't continue my life without doing something. I didn't really know what it meant, what I was going to do; but I started talking to some of my comrades and I discovered that we all felt the same. We all felt that something wrong was going on around us. "We started talking about what we've done and that's how Breaking the Silence got started." Speaking Out Breaking the Silence (BTS) is a group of discharged soldiers who are veterans of the second Intifada, which began in September 2006. The group has tasked itself to reveal to the Israeli public the daily routine of life in the territories, a routine that gets no coverage in the media. For Shaul and his comrades it was obvious that they were going to do something, and it was obvious that it was going to be about Hebron. Hebron is a Palestinian city in the West Bank located to the south of Jerusalem. It is considered a holy city to Jews, Muslims and Christians. This is where Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, and Jacob are buried in what is referred to by the Jews as The Tomb of The Patriarchs, and by the Muslims as al-Haram Ibrahimiyah. Furthermore, Abraham is an important figure in all three religions. Out of the three years that he served in the occupied territories, 14 months were spent in Hebron. In March of 2004 Shaul was discharged. In June 2004 he and some comrades started BTS with a photo exhibition about Hebron. The name Breaking the Silence was apt because what is going in the occupied territories is one of the biggest taboos in Israel. "It's like the thing you never talk about," says Shaul. "It's the dirt from the backyard that you do everything to keep in the backyard. The last thing you want is that this dirt will come to the front." The title of the exhibit was Bringing Hebron to Tel Aviv. Shaul explains that if anything symbolizes Israel, it's Tel Aviv. In Israel, Tel Aviv is often called "The Bubble." It is a place where people would rather sit down in coffee shops and not see anything more than a few feet around them. When the exhibition opened, it was a huge success. Over 7,000 visitors attended the exhibition. Shaul and his fellow soldiers were shocked by the attendance. For several days all the Israeli media spoke reported the soldiers' testimonies from Hebron. The act of the exhibit was a very personal one. None of them really sure why they were doing it at the time, only that they felt they had to. But something remarkable happened during the exhibition. Out of the 7,000 that came to see the works, some had also been recently discharged from different units serving in the occupied territories. While Shaul and his comrades stood by different works, the soldiers that came to see the works walked up to many of them and said; "this picture you have on the wall, I have the same from Nablus." Shaul realized from these soldiers who served in various parts of the West Bank and Gaza that the story of his battalion was not unique, but rather the story of all his generation. It was then that those who had put on the exhibit had to continue their work. They began to videotape and audiotape the testimonies of soldiers who served in the occupied territories. As of now, BTS has interviewed over 400 people who served as conscript soldiers. The goal of BTS was not just to show shocking pictures. Not to tell horror stories about life in the West Bank or Gaza. The goal of BTS was to help people understand the mindset of occupation, to understand the mindset of an occupier. Games Children Play Shaul explains that when one is in the occupied territories, things might seem exciting at first but over time the soldiers tend to get bored; they become numb to the situation around them. "Eight hours on, eight hours off, you start to get bored so you begin to make things a game," he says. "You start to aim your rifle at kids and see them through the scope of your rifle and take a picture. Then you aim at your friends and take a picture. The rifle is no longer a killing machine; the rifle becomes a part of your game, the way to pass time." Often, these games would extend to the Palestinians who would have to go through checkpoints. "We use to say that there are two kinds of blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinians. The first kind is called wanted terrorists. These are the people that you get the ID numbers from the [security service], [and their] address, you come in the middle of the night into the house, catch the guy, bring him back to the barracks, blindfolded until he is taken away. "But the other kind, what we call in Hebrew "Dry outs" or more professionally, detainees; these are the Palestinians who broke curfew ... During 2002 through 2003 there were more than 500 days of curfew in Hebron. And we would lift it every few days so people could get food for maybe two or three hours. But if someone were to leave after these hours to get food for his family, then he would be detained for five, six, or seven hours. You must educate them. "Or if you ask the Palestinians to stand in one nice line and one guy at the end starts to scream, that could be seven hours, ten hours. "If you call on a Palestinian to show his ID and he smiles too much, then that could be two hours or it could be eight hours. It just depends on which side of the bed you woke up on that morning." Over time, Shaul says that the Palestinians stop being people and simply become objects. The Wrecking Crew Shaul explains that at the beginning of the second Intifada, when the Israeli army would occupy a Palestinian home, commanders would given explicit instructions. The only things allowed to be used from private property were things for military purposes. If they would occupy the house for more than a few days they might throw out the family, or remand them to the first floor or a basement. If a chair or a table was needed to build a post, a soldier was allowed to use them. "Believe it or not, the first houses we entered, before we left, we washed the floors," Shaul recalls. "This is what we called an enlightened occupation." Eventually, the units would get more and more comfortable in the houses, and over a period of time the soldiers would become bored and they would start to break things. Once, when Shaul's battalion was doing an operation in city of Ramallah, a World Cup match was underway. "We looked around and found a house, entered it, kicked the family out, watched the game, and when it was over we left and went back to our mission," he says. During Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 in the town of Jenin, Israeli bulldozers, made by Caterpillar, rumbled through the narrow streets, taking the walls of houses and shops along the with them. "After a week the soldiers in Jenin ran out of water," Shaul explains, "So the commander gets on the radio and tells his men to go to a shop to get more water. We need water, this is a military need, right? So the soldiers go to the store in an armored personnel carrier (APC) and get water. Well, a week with out water is also a week without cigarettes, so they take cigarettes, and a week without cigarettes is probably a week without chocolate, so they take the chocolate as well." The Blender Yehuda Shaul's professional infantry training was as a grenade machinegun operator. During the second intifada, his first assignment in Hebron was to stand post at a school over looking a Palestinian neighborhood called Abu Seniehi. Every night at approximately 6pm, Shaul says, Palestinian militants would shoot at the settlements in Hebron, and the IDF would return the fire. Shaul's platoon sergeant informed him that every night they would hear gunfire and that he had to react and return the fire. It is important to note that a grenade machinegun is not an accurate weapon and that the targets that are firing at from within a dense urban area are almost impossible to spot. When Shaul realized what he was going to have to do he became very nervous. He worried for hours about what would happen when 6pm rolled around. "At 6pm the shooting starts and you get your orders over the radio. You approach the machinegun. You still know that something is wrong, that something is not right. You don't believe that you're going to shoot the neighborhood ... for what are we here? "So you pull the trigger you spray the area you pray that the less amount has been fired and then there is four or five seconds of tense quiet. You pray you haven't hit innocent people. But the next day you're less tense, the third day, and then after a week it becomes the most exciting moment of the day. "After awhile you see that the Palestinians are not getting the message. They are continuing to shoot. So, maybe we shoot at 5:30pm to deter them. Then over a little bit more time we go out on patrols and we see a car and we decided to explode it to send out a message. Now when I talk about this I am talking about how the mission starts and where it goes. How it just becomes a part of you. The blending." Where do we go from here? BTS identifies two levels of silence. The first level is the silence of the combat soldier who doesn't understand what's going on. The second level of silence is that which is conveyed to the Israeli public regarding what is really happening in the occupied territories -- what is happening to their sons and daughters, husbands and wives. Yehuda Shaul stares on intensely and leans forward. "No one wants to hear what's really going on in the occupied territories. No one wants the dirt from the backyard to get to the front. It's time to put the dirt so that everyone can see and that we can all begin to address it"

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There's a good reason for people ignoring Galloway. I've seen that interview; it's a favorite on various blogs. Well, sorry, his contribution to a reasonable debate of the issues is ZERO. All he does is explode on television. Big deal.

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