Thursday, April 19, 2007

More "Israeli Racism"

I could not help posting up this article published in Haaretz today. Would an "inherently racist apartheid state" grant special subsidies to a minority group?

"Gov't to encourage Bedouin women, ultra-Orthodox men, to work"

The cabinet is expected to approve during its meeting Sunday a string of benefits and incentives aimed at encouraging Bedouin women and ultra-Orthodox men, two groups that tend to abstain from working, to join the workforce.

The incentives include subsidized transportation between Bedouin villages and residents' work places, at a sum of up to NIS 3,000 per person. The government will allot NIS 15 million to the implementation of this program.

Studies conducted by government bodies concluded that Bedouin women refrain from seeking employment due to transportation and accessibility problems. Central Bureau of Statistics data shows that the percentage of Arab women within the workforce is 8 percent, as opposed to 67 percent of Jewish women.

The government's program will also subsidize 20 percent of the salaries of Bedouin women, as well as ultra-Orthodox men, and thus will make them more attractive to employers. According to the proposal, the government will subsidize parts of the salaries of these workers at work places where at least four Bedouin women, or ultra-Orthodox men are employed, as opposed to the subsidy currently given to places where at least 15 are employed.

Until now, these benefits have been offered only to potential employers in the production industry. The new proposal adds employers in the tourism and services industries to those eligible for benefits in exchange for hiring members of the groups in question.

The proposal was initiated by Minister for the Development of the Negev and Galilee Shimon Peres and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Eli Yishai under the "Strategic Plan for the Development of the Negev."
I have my doubts about whether droves of Bedouin women from the Negev will really go out and join the labour force - it's not easy taking care of 7+ kids and living in a deeply conservative society - but I believe that this is a step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

"Would an "inherently racist apartheid state" grant special subsidies to a minority group?"

It could. One hand feeds you, and the other rips you off.

Interesting thing about Bedouins in Israel.

Zionism is Racism said...

I noticed things became a little heated so I decided to not participate for about 48 hours and give everybody a chance to cool down slightly. I understand its a sensitive subject, and, to the extent my remarks contributed to the harshness of the thread, I apologize.

Lets get back to the heart of the matter and see if anyone is able to finally address the real issues. I am going to repeat my position exactly as I stated it earlier, and define 3 main issues that need to be discussed.

It is no longer contested, even among many Israelis, that the impact of Zionism on the Palestinian people in the last 100 years includes: the expulsion of a majority of Palestinians from their lands and homes, the prevention of their return, and the subsequent confiscation of their property for the EXCLUSIVE use of Jews; imposing a military apartheid system on those Palestinians who remained in Israel from 48 untill 66, which since then has been relaxed to a civilian Jewish supremacist system of discrimination; and the military occupation and apartheid system imposed on the WB and Gaza strip and their population for the last 40 years as well as continued colonization of these occupied territories.

Here are three specific Zionist lies (which any credible Historian would empirically/easily refute)that go directly to the heart of the conflict which nobody has even dared to attempt to addresss.

1)The lie that modern European Jews are direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews (The Palestinians have a better claim to this history), and ...

2)The ancient Hebrews had exclusive rights to Palestine in which they lived alone, and...

3)European Jews have a right to claim the homeland of their alleged ancestors 2,000 years later.


-Accusations of anti-Semitism

-Other Personal attacks

-References to Arab regimes which I do not represent and for which I am not responsible.

-Threats of violence. Most Arabs say "I fear nobody but God", but I don't even fear God.

-Any other irrelevant issue designed to deflect attention away from the real issues.

Anonymous said...

ZiR is trying to control this blog. Typical parasite, using the work of others. Usurping the labor of his betters. Who invited him to call the rulls of this game? Why should I let him? He gives people "chances"? He declares the issues. Who is he? what is this superiority complex? go publish your own Blog you parasite.

Anonymous said...

Here are facts. First ZR stole the land of the Jews. Then he steal the Blog of the Jews. Then he take control of whole dicussion in a condecending manner, The overlord. Why should I play your game ? You open your own blog you parasite and I will take you on any subject. This is resistance ! I am resisting ! you ZR are a foreign occupier, evil invader, stealing the work of others, trying to force his laws on unwilling others, go find easy victims, in Darfur may be.

Anonymous said...

This is an old trick, an example:
I will not do this and this and I will not do that and that ect ect I want Just one unswer, not three ! ZR you are an Arab, when in the last 50 years did you came to the land of Israel from Arabia? Please give date and name of camel. By the way, least you start wimpering and complaining ( An interloper takes control of a blog and then cry abut the way he is being treated). Go look at the word parasite, it is a technical term, not a personal name calling and blease forgive me if you are insulted.

Jeha said...

Anon 01:00 PM

That was a cheap shot; you're playing at the same level as that idiot. He drew you out, you fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Jeha ! he drew you out too, and me also. Noticed you wrote in your blog about the V tragedy and later corrected yourself. Also the comments to your blog varied. Life is complicated. Could the V tragedy be avoided, or minimized by body search and X raying any body entering campus ? or by arming every male, female and lab mouse on campus? Or, perhaps, by somehow treating poor lost souls on campus? or by thinking about the way we talk? or by a combination of these? I do not know. But one should be very careful about hurting others. ZR is dangerous creature, it is because of his like that minorities are seeking political rights and arms, a lot of arms and also car bombs and explosive belts. His kind of talk, like in 1948 near you, have created now a new tragedy, more than a million Iraqi refugees, and probably much more than million dead and wounded. It all was kindled by "nice" eloquent people with ties talking and writting and blogging. It is not ZR and me only that are reading this blog, as you showed. There is a limit to Jew baiting, Arab baiting, Palestinian baiting and Muslim baiting, because when the shit hits the fan a lot of bystanders get hit. ZR is shitting into the fan. Also you got your share, likud ect. Bystanders should notice. Even a dog or cat will tell every body arround when a certain line was passed and the noise they make is not pleasant. And then they bite and if needed kill. And it al starts by glib, peudo intelectual, ignorant, bigot, racial, talk of ZR and his kind.

Sherif said...

You may find this analysis useful

zionism is racism said...

"parasite"? "idiot"? "ignorant"? "bigot"? Name calling. Mocking stereotypical Arabic accents?

Zionism has always been a morally bankrupt endeavor, but you guys have now declared intellectual bankruptcy. You are simply unable to respond because the truth is not on your side. I did not permit you to use old Zionist tricks like screaming "anti-Semitic" or Changing the topic. I insisted on addressing the real issues in the hope of reaching some understanding. Unfortunately this conflict will last atleast two more generations. Its dissapointing to see young, aspiring "Historians" enthusiastically regurgitating tired, old Zionist talking points, yet unable to engage in a serious debate.

I feel just as confident as I did when this debate started. The Palestinian cause is a morally compelling cause that stands on its own merits. The fictional zionist narrative has proven to be false, and those who cling to it have proven their inability to defend it. Im not surprised.

Im sure finding an anti-Semitic, stupid Arab screaming racist epithets at Jews would have made life much easier for you, but this is not the case with me.

You have raised a white flag, and surrendered, and thats obvious to any objective observer of this thread.

A'ashat Falastin Hurra, Arabiya min al-Bahr ilal Nahr

p.s. You can keep the representative from the Lebanese Likud, and all 8 of his supporters in Lebanon. Find him a nice apartment somewhere near Antoine Lahad.


Sherif said...

and also

Jeha said...

Anon 6:42 AM,

Actually, I adjusted my post to reflect Fubar's input. I like to think that I am not above correcting myself if I am convinced of making a mistake. As to drawing me out;

- For one, I do not mind insults against politicians, be it Geagea, Gemayel, Assad, Nasrallah... Unlike many, I am no follower, and hold no one but the Lord sacred.

- For another, we're all chicken fried Semites, with little difference but modern ideologies and interests. And I happen to like friend chicken... with garlic... mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Zionism is Racism

Good Job. We need more people like you.

Anonymous said...

ZR you said you will respond only but only to three issues. But you could not. Hate is stronger than self control or reason. No body but no body was talking to you. You were sitting there in the darkness waiting and waiting lurking, stalking thinking,hating and hating and hating. You represent a stereotype of a dangerous pathological personality. You can not think, even for a moment, that you may be wrong. Absolute mentality. Black -white, nothing in btween. You, the super being allow your self to do things which you deprecate in others. Because you are smarter, greater, knowledgable more than any body else. You call the others "children" to put them under you the great adult. What do you pathological idiot know about my age? less than you know about history. You could not even keep your own set of limits. Your compling need to talk and claim victory indicates a deep set insecurity, a deep set envi and a pathoogical personality. Go procure 2 guns and buy a ticket to Virginia. Or go get some help.

Anonymous said...

J. "chicken fried semites" is no joke!!! The climate change is real. The sun is some how fiercer. Too many caes of skin problems, real bad, often sadly lethal problems here in Israel and probably in Leb. Look at some of the faces, noses, necks, and back of palms. Some of the patches of leathery, yellowish, cracked skin are signs of bad things. Now, should a person get insulted beceause you called him cancerous semite?

ariel said...

The attempts in the last thread to deal rationally with ZR's tedious repetitiveness included, in addition to considerable entertainment value, a good number of points worth making. The comments by John, Amos, Jeha and Hazbani were particularly cogent (even if, in my opinion, John's characterization of certain injustices as "unfortunate" is itself an unfortunate locution). I was especially amused by ZR's preposterous bravado in offering to travel to Berkeley in order to debate all comers in any of five or six languages, promising to continue the discussion only with those he found "worthy." Since it appeared clear that he found all of us incorrigible in our adherence to the discredited racist Zionist narrative, I was naive enough to believe he would, as promised, abandon this blog. And yet he continues to resurface with long recapitulations of the same points and rhetorical braggadocio he has indulged in a dozen times. I think at this point it is time to return to the silent treatment, since the continued engagement with this guy is growing wearisome.

ZR, why do you continue to preach to us regenerates in the wilderness?

Amos, at what point is it permissible to exclude from the public sphere an individual who enters it only for the purposes of unilaterally setting the agenda?

Anonymous said...

Ariel I changed my mind. I was mistaken. Owner of this blog please o please keep ZN in. I know ZN is lurking there and probably will for a long time. After independence day I will come to take care of him and worse of all talk with others about ZN without paying any attention to him. Like this poor Israeli Diplomat in Latine America, ZN know what he is going to get and will come for more. So he will now unchain, dress, take the red ball of his mouth. Perhaps in few days I will be discussing his nature with you perhaps I will not. You see Ariel, by not comming back ZN will admit that I a Zionist Jew kicked him away. By comming for more he will admit to being what he is. Happy independence day for all us Zionists. Yes it is a cheap Jweish - Zionist trick let us see how ZN get away.

Anonymous said...

What do you know, a person I just showed this social - oriental -psychological experiment said that ZN are consonants. Vocalized it could easily mean, I am ashamed to say.... well I will hide my face and say. Well it mean.. it mean... well, by now you probably know, a "shmok" "prick" "zibi" . Funny is not it.

Amos said...


In response to your last query, I believe you are referring to Prof. Jay's insistence on the fragility of the public sphere, during our discussion of Habermas two years ago.

Indeed, Habermas himself mourns the decline of a liberal, 19th-century public sphere in the age of mass media, arguing that "the original basis of the publicist institutions ... became practically reversed" [Habermas (MIT Press, 1991), p. 188].

However, I am not sure this is what I had in mind when I removed two comments posted by "Anonymous" (who accesses the blog from the same location as ZR but seems to have a slightly different style) in the last thread. Until that point, it had been a policy of this blog not to delete comments. I hope that we can move back to that policy, and I appreciate ZR's quasi-apology [11:39] for having "contributed to the harshness of the thread."

In the interest of full disclosure, I will post the deleted comments below in their entirety:


Spare us the self-righteous bullshit little boy. He threatened Zionism is racism with a nuclear weapon over ramallah and then taunted him for living in the us. Only then did zionism is racism tell him he didn't give a shit and dying is better than living as a slave. what you "allow" or do not "allow" on here is irrelevant. Your looking for an excuse to bann zionism is racism because you have not been able to debate him and he has thuroughly exposed your lies.

go ahead bann him and me. it only shows how weak you are and how weak your arguments are.

you seem to not notice anti-arab rants.

if your looking for an excuse to get rid of a formidable opponent then go ahead, but those of us who have watched what happened here know exactly what your doing. what a coward. what a fucking coward you are.

Posted by Anonymous to Kishkushim خربطات קישקושים at 1:54 PM

and immediately after s/he noticed that I had deleted the above comment:

nice. you cut and paste and delete as you want in order to create a false narrative. sounds like zionist/israeli history. you lost to z=r and now your embarassing yourself. its also nice to see you defending the right-wing fascists in lebanon. reminds us of when the israelis and the phalange massacred thousands of babies and women in sabra and chatilla. remember that? when sharon (a butcher like hitler who you jews elected) sent in his proxy phalange forces to murder innocents. so the alliance between gemayel, ja ja and the zionists is alive and well. too bad you couldn't get past the litani river last time. how many times did olmert give the order to reach the litani. lol.

Posted by Anonymous to Kishkushim خربطات קישקושים at 2:01 PM

Amos said...


Thanks for your link above and to the Kimmerling article earlier (which I have not read yet). I don't agree with the framing of the issue by the writers of the article, and hopefully I will have an opportunity to demonstrate why in the future. We had a post on the "Future Vision" report a while ago. Check the "Israeli Arabs" label.

zionism is racism said...

All I see is personal attacks and absolutely no response. Of course I will set the agenda and define the issues. Afterall, I have a right to do so. We all do. You guys can also define what issues matter and which do not. I have my own issues, and will focus on them. Its also readily apparent that the issues I chose as topics for discussion and debate are central to the Zionist Arab conflict. Why would I focus on other issues? I am sure there are many other issues one can discuss, but this is my cause.

Again, there has been no response, and any objective observer would notice.

My challenge to debate was not bravado. If so, why not call me out on it? I relish debates and welcome all challenges to my position. And yes I can debate in several languages. Many others can as well. I was also serious when I offered to debate using Zionist and Israeli sources only.

You can call me names as much as you want. You can attack me personally. You can try to dismiss what I say, but anyone can read what I wrote and make up his/her own mind.

There is no difference between trying to defend Zionism and Nazism, and this is why you have have raised a white flag and surrendered.

The member of the Lebanese Likud is still around. I find it funny the way zionists like to bring out and parade the right-wing fascists in Lebanon as if they can add legitimacy to your illegitimate, immoral zionist enterprise. He also states he does not respond to me, but everyone of his posts is a response to mine. "chicken friend semitics" is a reference to my "french-fried phoenicians". By the way, how is Antoine Lahad doing? lol.

zionism is racism said...

Seems like the Zionists cannot handle a real debate. They are much too comfortable with the Israeli propoganda machine in this country and the stupid Americans who consumne this propoganda without question. But someone who challenges their most cherised myths is immediately attacked. You can't debate, and might even be fully aware of your lies.

Sorry, but you are not historians. You might be the kind of "historians" that can work as a Fox News "expert" on the Arab world, but real scholars certainly not.

Your fictional zionist narrative is a lie that is being exposed. Your racist apartheid state of Israel will be dismantled. The refugees will return to their land, and your only hope is for a secular, democratic state in Palestine.

Time is running out. Israel might live to 75, but it won't see a hundred.