Monday, June 18, 2007

Dissolving Lebanon

As'ad AbuKhalil has been trying to explain his political theology to his mother:
Knowing of my views against the very existence of Lebanon as an entity, she would always ask me how that is possible. I would tell her that the dissolution of the entity (into a larger Arab entity) is the solution. [...] I said that imagine when Syria is run well, and the Asad regime is overthrown (and hopefully not by the Muslim Brotherhood or the Khaddam version of Ba`thism): Lebanon would be better served by dissolving into a larger Arab entity. Like the Zionist entity, Lebanon has posed a danger to, and inflicted harm on, its inhabitants and on the Palestinian cause.
You see, he really has the best interests of the Lebanese in mind. The "Zionist entity" can go to hell. Its primal sin, one apparently also committed by Lebanon, is causing harm to the Palestinian cause. I am curious how this dogma, which has turned Palestine into Jesus (guess who killed it), came to occupy such a big role in the religion of the angry Arabs.


Nobody said...

wowwww !!!! and this is one of the most popular blogs over there !!!

with all these asads, yamans and other lunatics the arab world seems to be such a hopeless case !!!

allah willing may cellulosic ethanol cure them all

Amos said...


But how did Yaman end up in your list of lunatics? He is a very intelligent, rational, and nice guy actually. Check out his blog.

Jeha said...

Bwahahahaha (evil laughter),

So we have about till the dinosaurs come back; Since he assumes that "hen Syria is run well" will come after "the Asad regime is overthrown" by the boy scouts, since the "Muslim Brotherhood", and since "the Khaddam version of Ba`thism" will be too scared.

I'd say Lebanon is safe for about 4 Billion years. Then we'd have to look for another planet anyway, since the sun would die out then...

Anonymous said...

This Bwahahah.... by Jeha is a beauty, sound better than some modern music. However, statistically speking: I will stand in a crowded place with about 100 listeners and I will tell them that X should be killed. Nothing happen, so I will preach to 200 for more time, nothing happen. So I will preach to 300 for even longer. If I will keep at it long enough with big enough crowd X will be killed. I think that will happen before 4 billion years will pass. The story of Rabin and Hariri prove me right. This so called Angry Arab is doing a kind of strange preaching. Notice that some people on his blog talk very much Yigal Amir style.

Another thing that he is doing is showing, by giving dates, places and names that all Leb. intelectuals and most Arab ones can be bought and have been bought, the last on his list is Mahmud Darwish. But he is a Leb. intelectual, by his own words. Plain logic, who is paying him? read his blog and you may get an idea or two or three. But being paid by three pay masters is not such a rare occurance, so go figure.

Anonymous said...

He is right. Israel must be dissolved. It has no right to exist.

Nobody said...

Anonymous said...

He is right. Israel must be dissolved. It has no right to exist.

he is actually saying that it's lebanon that should be dissolved .. though i am not surprised that you say it, as the angry arab blog and his admirers are a hilarious combination of a person who does not know what he writes and readers who don't understand what they read