Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Living in a Dream

Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna (Source: Freudianslip)

I am not sure about Uzi Benziman's conclusion, citing Anna Freud, that "among adults, seeking satisfaction through imagination indicates a serious psychological disorder." But his main argument is a harsh rejoinder to the self-delusion about the West Bank and Hamas that has gripped the country:
Some members of Israel's leadership, including cabinet ministers, Knesset members and defense and policy advisers, have recently come to resemble those children who solve their problems by daydreaming. When they say that the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip has opened a rare window of opportunity, they are also laying out the next solution to the Palestinian problem: hand over responsibility for Gaza to Egypt. There are even some who propose granting Jordan an official role in the West Bank.
In the meantime, Abbas is trying his best to extract certain favors to him from Israel. In this, he is backed by the U.S. The test of measures such as freeing Barghouti or removing checkpoints, however, should not be something as vague as "strengthening the moderates." It is an illusion to think that Abu Mazen's government will be reinforced by favors that Israel or the U.S. bestows upon it. Rather, such measures should be evaluated on the basis of sound military, social, and political yardsticks, which are independent of the psychological disorientation caused by dreams of a divorce between Gaza and the West Bank. Eventually, the two will be linked again. Almost all the Arab leaders are pushing Abbas and Haniyeh to repeat another Mecca-style agreement to paper over the differences that exist; they too have staked too much on a "united Palestine" to consent to a permanent separation.


Nobody said...

the thing is that if there is an opportunity here it is for the palestinians in the west bank to dump gaza ...gaza is a liability for them .. it's ways more radicalized and islamic than the west bank ... the host of its economic and social problems is a drain on the budget ... they should better take advantage of the aid and fayyad as the prime minister and start fixing the economy .. but then it's an opportunity and, as the saying goes, the palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

Rabbi Sedley said...

The best delusion ever was Peretz's farewell speech, telling the country he had done a good job and was leaving them in good hands (and in a better position than when he took over as defence minister).
Just to clarify - that's one lost war, one Hamastan and 9 months of inaction (not to mention Winograd). Yes, I think Israel is in better hands now (and would be even if my 2 year old was running the defence ministry)

Rabbi Sedley