Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What They Want

At the current stage of fighting, these are the aims of some of the important players:

Israel wants to keep fighting to further weaken Hamas, while it still can, and to put pressure on France, Egypt, and the U.S. to come up with a viable  post-war order.

Egypt wants Israel to keep fighting Hamas. Its post-war order includes a "reconciliation" of the Palestinians with the PA (Abu Mazen, Dahlan, etc.) restored to Gaza and Hamas weakened. It is not terribly enthusiastic about NATO or U.S. forces on its side of the border.

France wants its cease fire initiative, whatever it may be, to succeed, as soon as possible. It cares mainly about convincing Israel to stop fighting now. Whatever happens down the line is less important to Sarkozy at the moment.

The U.S. wants Hamas weakened AND a cease fire as soon as possible.

Hamas wants to go down as the Palestinian Hizbullah, and to improve the status quo ante - exclusive political control over Gaza, maintenance of its rocketing capabilities and arms smuggling, PLUS opening of the crossings. 


Anonymous said...

what does viable really mean in this context. i think it means 'the crumbs from the israel plate.
viable for the israelis ,disasterous for the palestinians.
the US wants what ever israel wants. america has basically become a maxi state of israel. US middle east policies are made in tel aviv.
of coarse hamas wants exclusive control over gaza. by rights it should control all palestinian land because it did win a democratic election.

Anonymous said...

you fail to mention that all arabs want is for the palestinians to have a homeland, which israel stole. the palestinians only want about a quarter of a land that was 100% theirs. the world and israel has failed to see this . pity israel never had a leader to recognise this fact and see it as a great concession from the palestinians and so in turned recognised the palestinian right to self determination.but since extremism in israel always prevails ,they have chosen a road which will lead to death for muslims,christians and jews alike.zionism has come along way from the 1920s when they stated that they only wanted to live in peace in palestine and didn't want to rule the land.