Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Canucks "Chompin' At the Bit" and Ready to Take It To Taliban

Canadians detain a suspected Taliban fighter

Canadian troops are involved in a major operation against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan's Panjwaj district. Currently, the Canucks and their allies are trying to encircle a 700-strong Taliban foothold, southwest of Kandahar. The Canadians report that they may have captured a senior Taliban commander, trying to flee the stronghold. Captain Piers Pappin, a Canuck platoon commander, said that “the guys are chomping at the bit" as they wait for the attack to begin (Globe and Mail).

Unfortunately, Monday also saw another Canadian death and dozens of injuries due to friendly fire from a US warplane. This is not the first such incident, and it is likely to further raise the ire of the Canadian public, which is already distressed by the casualties in Afghanistan.

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