Saturday, September 02, 2006

More Twisting and Turning

This is how Anarchorev responded to my comment on her blog:
If you look at usage of the term by antisemites
Anti-Semites do not use the term, and in fact argue that they are NOT anti-Semitic. Moreover, let us grant you the monopoly over that term. What does that prove? Does it prove that anti-Semitism is in a league of its own when it comes to racism? There have been many a genocide and ethnic cleansing perpetrated based on racial “profiling”. Anti-Semitism is not unique in that respect. In fact, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism and hatred, the vanguard of which is Israel, seem to be the norm these days. Sad to see that you would be more interested in holding monopoly over a term than in preventing another holocaust, the foundations of which seem to be in the process of being constructed, a construction that is proudly being led by none other than Israel.
Anarchorev's first statement is simply wrong. The historical record BEFORE 1945 is FULL of antisemites who proudly used the term to describe themselves. Read some German, French, Polish, Russian, or Romanian sources.

Further, Anarchorev completely misconstrues me. Where do I say anything about antisemitism being in a league of its own? I am well aware of the fact that there have been many other genocides in human history. She obviously did not read or understand my post.

I also don't understand why Anarchorev would say something like "let us grant you the monopoloy over that term." What does "you" mean here? You as in MOI? I certainly was not arguing for having any kind of personal monopoly over the word. Or did she mean "you" as in "the Jews"? That strikes me as even more insidious - why conflate me with the whole Jewish people? Perhaps Anarchorev thinks that there is one homogeneous Jewish collective that assumes monopolies over terms and histories?

The last bit about another Holocaust happening is simply outrageous. There is no genocidal campaign being waged against Muslims, except for in Darfur, where other Muslims are carrying it out on their co-religionists. I am all for fighting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab discrimination and racism - in Israel, in the US, in Europe, and elsewhere in the world. But the accusations she makes are preposterous.


tod0001 said...

Please do not waste your time or mental energy on these people.

Zach said...

I've seen many a message board degrade into the depths of gutter rhetoric when good people attempt to debate the reactionary. The arguments unfailingly return to accusations of Khazar descent and its associated denigrations. Effectively the discussion becomes an attack on personal identity and its (lack of) legitimacy. Save your typing fingers for more illuminating truly educational endeavours.

tod0001 said...

Very well said.

Amos said...

You guys are right of course. But it's someitmes hard to refrain from speaking out against the lies and distortions spread by them.