Friday, March 30, 2007

Adaptation of Israeli TV Series to Hit HBO

Asi Dayan plays the clinical psychiatrist who is the
protagonist of the show בטיפול ["In Treatment"] (Photo: Wikipedia)

I was pleased to discover that HBO will soon introduce a new show called "In Treatment," which is an American translation (and adaptation) of the Israeli series בטיפול. I saw one episode of this show in Israel and was very impressed. Watching therapy probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if, like me, Tony's visits to the shrink are your favorite parts of The Sopranos, and if you liked Leonardo DiCaprio's sessions with the therapist in Martin Scorsese's The Departed, you'll probably enjoy "In Treatment" (the Israeli and the HBO versions).


Zionism is Racism said...

The supporters of the Zionist colonial movement and the racist, apartheid state it established in palestine should be ashamed of themselves. There latest attempts to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism is also preposterous and everyone is able to see through it. Indeed the accusation of anti-Semitic is all you have left. Why? Because no matter how loud you scream and how many times you repeat the lies, THE FACTS WILL ALWAYS BE LOUDER

Palestine is the most documented among conflict-torn countries, certainly much more than Bosnia and Kosovo. We have complete UN-documented ownership records of every acre of land. Not a single Israeli Jew has an equivalent title deed after al-Nakba. We have detailed maps of what every acre was, what it is today and can visualise what it could/should be in the future.

We have a huge database of millions of Palestinians - where they come from in Palestine, and where they are residing today, their family structure and their ages. Today, 90% of them reside within 100 km of their homes, 50% within 40km and many can actually see their home on the opposite hill.

That is not all. The refugees' land is still sparsely populated. Eighty per cent of Israeli Jews still live in the same area they acquired during the Mandate and a little more, but 15% of Israel in total. About 18% of the remaining 20% of the Jews live mostly in half a dozen originally Palestinian or mixed cities, considerably enlarged. This leaves 2% of Israeli Jews who are the members of Qibbutz and Moshav.

This small number of population, in addition to the army, use and control 85%-88% of Israel's area, which is the patrimony of 6 million Palestinian refugees. To take an example, all the rural Jews in the southern district from Ashdod (Isdud) to Eilat (Umm Rashrash) are less in number that one refugee camp in Gaza. Their density is six persons per square kilometre while that of Gaza population - the owners of this very land - is 6,000 per square kilometre. These owners of the land are held captive by the occupier in a concentration camp called Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Hey evil Sand Monkey.

You are losing support as we all know what a cowardly race you are.

You have your own children do your fighting for you. I can't really think of anything so pathetic.

I have many problems about the Jews, but when I compare them to you, there is no contest who to support. I would take them over you sand monkeys any day.

We see this video and we see a weak race of people who more than being unable to protect their children, are so weak they only can find children to fight on their behalf.