Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gulf Heating Up

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (Source: frenchnavy.free.fr)

The US Navy flexed its muscles Tuesday in its strongest show of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Two aircraft carriers, 100 warplanes, 10,000 US military personnel participating in war games in the cramped and contested straits of the Gulf, the fabled French carrier Charles de Gaulle nearby -- it all sounds like an attempt to clue Tehran into its own vulnerability.

Yet the entire game of brinkmanship being played out in the Gulf between British, American, and Iranian players is, to my mind, entirely obscure at present. What's behind the Iranians' capture of 15 British sailors? If you believe the notorious John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, the Iranians timed their stunt to coincide with the Security Council vote last Saturday on tightening sanctions against them. On the other hand, the British, at least some of them, seem to believe that the Iranian's had in mind a prisoner exchange of Brits for Iranian agents captured by the US in Iraq.

Also, does anyone else have the impression that this story isn't drawing the press coverage or comment it merits? Some Brits do. Guardian columnist Max Hastings blames Britain's loss of worldwide moral authority. While that may have something to do with a lack of sympathy coming from some quarters, in Britain and the US, I get the sense that leaders are anxiously awaiting developments. This may explain Tony Blair's cryptic public statement:
"What we are trying to do at the moment is to pursue this through the diplomatic channels and make the Iranian government understand these people have to be released and that there is absolutely no justification whatever for holding them. I hope we manage to get them to realise they have to release them. If not, then this will move into a different phase."


zionism is racism said...

So the little Zionist statelet is hoping for another war on another regional power. Israel was created by western powers. It continues to exist as a western military base, not really a state at all, but its time is running out.

Iran is not impressed with the anglo-saxon threats. One thing we know for certain, Iran will always be here. The Arabs will always be here. But western domination of this region is dying. A new ME order is emerging free of western domination.

This includes the Zionist racist state. Its on the way out. Condemn zionism, let the refugees return, dismantle the apartheid state (not only in the WB and Gaza, but all of palestine), and work for a secular, democratic state for all people. Its your only chance. Otherwise, you have no hope of surviving. You will be sent back to Berlin, Moscow, and New York.

In the meantime, your continuous cheering for all western military attacks on the region will only lessen your already dim chances of ever being permitted to remain in this area.

Basrawi said...

Thanks for sharing your wet dreams. You just convinced me to make aliyah.
-Iraqi American Jew

Amos said...

Noah - I find it hard to believe that this operation did not have some kind of connection to the Security Council vote.

zionism is racism said...

hurry up and make 'aliyah'. Time is running out. Israel will not see a hundred. Remember, once you arrive, you will have become (just like the French guy who came to Palestine and joined the Israeli terrorist army and got captured by Hamas)an armed squatter, and and a legitimate target under international law. Why not stay home and live securely and safely? If not, like I said, you better hurry. That little Zionist colony is past middle age by now. In the end, you will either pack your bags again and leave or dig your own grave.

Amos said...

Thanks for showing your genocidal face in public, "zionism is racism." At least you are honest.

zionism is racism said...

An "israeli" illegal settler in occupied Palestine accusing someone of genocide should be the very definition of Chutzpah!

The only genocide in Palestine is the genocide committed against the indigenous Arab population of Palestine. You are attempting to flip International law and morality upside down. Every country, every legal system, and every moral code allows for self-defense. In fact, the Bible itself allows for self-defense. The commandements did not include "thou shall not kill"...we who know and understand Hebrew, including ancient biblical hebrew, are aware that the original commandement was "thou shall not MURDER" which also leaves open the right for self-defense.

Now applying this principle to Palestine, it becomes clear that the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against the Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, New Yorkers, Floiridians, and anyone else who comes to their land, steals it, expells them, and kills them.

You are the ugly face of Genocide and there is no moral equivalence between the violence of the colonizer and whatever resistance they may encounter from their innocent victims.

Go ahead. scream "anti-semitism". I'm waiting.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the Israeli soldier captured by Hamas was in his tank imposing a siege on Gaza. I have a couple of questions.
1)Was he not a legitimate target for Palestinians under occupation or under siege in Gaza?

2)As for the big picture, what right does a French guy (if he did come from France) have to go to Palestine and live while the Palestinians are still in the diaspora in refugee camps? Why can't they return to their homes, but someone from a different country is allowed to live there?

This is Zionism, and I agree, zionism is racism. How can anyone defend this reality? It seems to me that Jews and Arabs have live together for centuries and problems started with Zionism. These facts are not acceptable to any people.

Rebecca said...

Sorry that this very interesting post got hijacked by the zionism is racism folks. This is scary. I hope that it doesn't lead to war. (And no, not all Zionists want war with Iran - I certainly don't).

And by the way, if the one-state solution comes to pass, what will happen to all the Israeli Jews?