Monday, March 26, 2007

Rocket Wars

Haifa's oil refineries complex was hit by a rocket in last summer's war

A recent headline in Ha'aretz ("Katyusha rocket hit Haifa oil refineries complex during Second Lebanon War") brought back some disturbing memories of last summer's war between Israel and Hizbullah.

That conflict began with Hizbullah's brazen incursion into Israeli territory on a squad of Israeli reservists, on Wednesday, July 12, 2006, which resulted in the deaths of 3 soldiers and the capture of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, who are still being held by the organization today (unless they have been killed already). When ground forces pursued the attackers into Lebanon, Hizbullah fighters blew up an Israeli tank with a massive IED, killing 4 crew members. But what looked like a copy of the Palestinian abduction of Gilad Shalit on June 25 quickly developed into something far more frightening.

Already on July 12, the Israeli home front came under attack, as Hizbullah shelled and rocketed communities in the north of the country, along the border. But the "War of the Missiles" began in earnest on Thursday, July 13, when katyushas killed a woman in Nahariya and a man in Tsfat (Safed). In the evening of that day, Carmia reported the first katyusha attack on Haifa (see also her posts on local reactions that night and on Saturday).

One of the worst days of that war, at least for the home front, was Sunday, July 16, 2006, when a Hizbullah missile struck the Haifa train depot, killing 8 workers, just after 9:00 in the morning. Carmia and I reported live from Haifa, as the city came under attack. At the time, we heard several rumors of strategic sites having been hit. Already, on Thursday night, the New York Times had claimed that a rocket had hit the Haifa port, as Carmia reported. In subsequent days, we heard numerous unsubstantiated reports that Haifa's famous Technion, an institution equivalent to MIT, had been hit, and that katyushas had also landed very close to the "salt-and-pepper shakers" that house Israel's main oil refinery.

Haifa's port is in the background (January 2006)

It now turns out that the refineries complex was indeed hit by a Hizbullah missile during the war, as Ha'aretz reported on March 22. Fortunately, the rocket landed in an open area. A direct hit could have had disastrous consequences - leading to the deaths of hundreds of people

The scary thing is that the IDF still seems no closer than it was last summer to a military solution that might adequately protect these strategic facilities - not to mention Israeli civilians in the north - against short-range rocket attacks. It is possible that the air force's devastating response to Hizbullah, which came with the tremendous cost of hundreds of Lebanese civilian casualties, has somewhat changed the party's calculus. But while Hizbullah listens to its sectarian constituency in Lebanon, and sometimes even to Lebanese public opinion as a whole, the organization owes its power and, indeed, its existence to the Iranians and the Syrians.

The Iranians demonstrated last week that they can still act up when they feel threatened. It remains to be seen how this latest hostage drama plays out, but there is no doubt that elements in the Iranian leadership are willing to take similarly provocative actions in other theaters as well. Meanwhile, Palestinian groups such as the Islamic Jihad may try to force another Israeli offensive into Gaza, by stepping up rocket attacks from there. Such an incursion would surely force Hamas and Fatah into the fray as well. Amir Oren has a worrisome report about state of preparedness for such contingencies in the IDF.


zionism is racism said...

No, it did not begin with a Hizballah attack. It started because Israel is holding several Lebanese hostages, and hundreds of thousands of other Arab hostages.

The Lebanese resistance was justified in CAPTURING the Zionist soldiers who were taken out of their tank from occupied Northern Palestine. Hizballah immediately stated they are willing to exchange them for the Lebansese civilian hostages. Israel refused and launched an unjustified war against the Lebanese people.

Even if you were to believe that Hizballah's brave operation to capture two Zionist trespassing soliders was not justified, there is no doubt that under International law the response was grossly disproportionate. Always expected from "gods chosen" because they value Jewish life more than other human life

Also, Hizballah did not attack civilians until Israel attacked civilians. The Zionist terrorist army was humiliated once again at the hands of the Lebanese resistance, and all Israel could do was cowardly bomb woman and children from the air. Over a thousand Lebanese civilians were killed, 4oo of them children. What did Hizballah do? They eliminated dozens of soldiers.

Hizballah is the side practicing the purity of arms doctrine, and the zionists? Well: The zionists do what they do best, kill women and children.

Also, Hizballah senior military commanders stated before the attack on Occupied Haifa that they were not targeting the oil refineries. It was a warning. Just as Hizballah warned they would bomb Occupied Tel Aviv if Beirut proper was bombed. Olmert backed down smartly for a change.

Listen. Isreal is defeated. It is on life support just as the criminal sharon. You must allow the refugees to return and set up a democratic secular state for all people.

You must begin with a condemnation of Zionism and the zionist racist narrative. Time is running out for you. If you do not take this offer, in the future, the best we can do for you is to lease some commercial boats to ship you back to Europe where you colonizers came from.


zionism is racism said...


"hundreds of thousands" in the first paragraph is incorrect. It should have read "over ten thousand". All civilians since the Palestinians do not have an army.

On the other side the Palestinians hold ONE SOLDIER and the Lebanese resistance holds TWO SOLDIERS.

God's chosen up in heaven. Down here on Earth, your lives are not worth more than the goyim.

Amos said...


The above will make for an interesting historical document 50 years from now - as part of a study on "delusions, bombast, and mental infirmity in the early 21st century."

Anonymous said...

He is right on the facts and numbers being held by either side. The number of Lebanese Children killed is unaccepatble. The response was excessive. Israel will definitely not last. The above comments will prove prophetic, and the only thing there is to study would have been the-less-than-100-year existence of a state that was called "israel".

Anonymous said...

Judophobia and anti Jewish bigots can not be dealt with facts. Yet, if any body care, here are some facts. The so called capturing of the Israeli soldiers was accompanied by a bombardment of all the civil Israeli sites from kiriat Shmona to Naharia. Hiz. lanched war against the Israeli civilians. After the capturing the Hizb. declared that they want the Shaba area and all the Pal. prisoners not only the two Lebanese ones. These two are not hostages they were tried in open court in view of intrnational observers. One proudly admitted to the murder of a child and the other is a confess spy. He is half Jew with dubious record I would not wish on any one the reception he will get in Leb. There is no international law of equal response. Hiz. did not aim. They shot at random as any body who study the subject, including the Israeli Arabs - the random targets, have noticed. If they would have coused, by hitting the refineries, a major kill the chance is that Israel would have bombed to nothing all the sources of water, electricity, communication ect. in whole of Leb. No declaration about the oil refineries as targets was ever issued by the Hizb. please give date and source if you know differenttly. From whom was Tel Aviv occupied? when and how?
Hizb. is part of the Leb. armed forces. Leb. by attacking Israel has peformed a crime, according to international law. Finally as was said here most Jews in Israel did not come from Europe but from the arab Muslim world or were born in Israel, but as was also said here n this discussion fcts do not matter. As for commercial boats taking the Jews from Israel or a binational democratic state, like what Arab state? Well, unlike the response of some Israelis I do not know the future so every thing is possible but this is very probable, the end will be less with boats and more like a big radioactive pile of red hot ashes covering the ME from Teheran to Rabat incuding, obviously, Beiruth Damascus ect. This dream about the Jews leaving their country on boats, just like they left S. Leb and Gaza, and leaving the whole to the Arabs is a dangerous dream. I for one, who has some thing to do with it, will do my best for the radoactive pile of ashes option. So think about it. Shalom

Amos said...

Anonymous 11:04 (Hazbani?) - I agree with you of course that it is worthless arguing with these kinds of bigots. We don't usually engage their ilk here. But I do appreciate your comment.

While you are right on about most of what you say, I am not sure I agree with you that Hizbullah is or was part of the Lebanese armed forces. At least, I think an argument would have to be made. Furthermore, if this is true, then the captured Hizbullah fighters should be treated as POWs rather than enemy combatants.

I also wasn't clear about your last point - I assume you mean that you will do your best to PREVENT that option?

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Your bombast sounds like a silly child. The anti-Semitism charge is predictable and boring. Your nuclear weapons are welcomed. Drop them. You will dissapear and we will have enough arabs left to start over.

Anonymous said...

You all have to understand that Palestine does not belong to you. It belongs to the indigenous population, and we have nothing left to lose. We will either liberate Palestine and go home, or the whole world can go to hell. We don't care. We really don't give a shit. Let the whole world go up in a nuclear mushroom cloud. We don't care. We will go back to Palestine or we will welcome all the nuclear weapons you have. I have family in occupied Jerusalem and ramallah. start there. Go ahead drop your nukes. Please do. Death is not the worst thing in the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Hazbani.
Yes they are POW if they wore uniforms held a commission, and were registered in a legal army in their own country. The Leb. government have declared again and again that Hzb is performing a national duty, so be it. They are a part of the Leb. system and should be seen and treated as such. Acting thus will first of all benefit the truth and secondly benefit the PR of Israel, I think that much.
I am indegenous pal as much as the Racist anon. or more. He in fact declares that Jews can not be indegenous any where in the ME or in any arab or muslim country. This is extreme racism. I think that Pal. should be divided between Jew and Arab. It is a fact that the land can support 8 mil people + a gigantic military budget. Shurely it can support that much in peace. So it is clearly a sign of mental pathology when an Arab is ready to kill him self and his people in order to also exterminate the Jews of Israel. And then in 2-3 generations his offsprings will have to face Jews comming again, or like his buddies he plan to kill all the Jews every where. I will kill only in self defence. In my opinion any country or nation may use any weapon when faced with extermination. Any numerical survey will demonstrate that Israel did not and does not exterminate Arabs. War is not extermination. To claim extermination is psychotic but as I have said again and again arab racism has nothing to do with logic or reason. Talking about reason, this week the arab countries who created about 3/4 mil. Jewish refugees got them selves officially involved with the Pal. refugees. Well if this is their business what are they going to do about the total eradication of Jews from their lands? is it their business? Are they responsible to this extermination( as numerically it is) in any way? after all most of the Jews expelled from the Arab countries and the Jews born in Israel are the majority of the Israeli Jews.
Last but not least to govern Jerusalem and or Ramalla (soon to be clean of Arabic speaking Christian Pal thank to the Hammas and to my personal sorrow, realy) one does not need unconventional weapons. Shalom.

Anonymous said...

The only really crazy people are the ones who claim every Jew anywhere in the world is a descendant of the ancient Hebrews and therefore has a right, 2000 years later (assuming we accept the false assumption above), to go to Palestine in the 20th Century and expell the native Arab inhabitants.

I agree one should only kill in self-defense. Self-Defense belongs to the native Arab inhabitants of Palestine, and not the colonial-settlers from Europe or anywhere else.

Zionists and Israel do not speak for all Jews, and certainly do not speak for the Jews who have lived in Arab lands for centuries with Muslims and Christians in peace and harmony. Its only with the advent of Zionism that problems started. The Zionist terror attacks against the Jews in Cairo and Baghdad have been well documented. They were not expelled. They were begged to come to Israel to create a pure Jewish state. They have a right to live among Arabs as equals as they always have, but not on a single inch of Palestine will anyone have a "right" to a racist state.

Your accusations of anti-Semitism are very predictable and boring as has been said before.

Also, you are a liar. My Christian Orthodox family in Ramallah and Jerusalem voted for Hamas, and they had Christian on their ticket, and Muslims and Christian Arabs are both suffering from the cancer of Zionism. Nice try. Wont work. Play another card. I'm sure you can be sneakier than this. So amateurish.

Anonymous said...

I am Hazbani I have a stake here. I plan to go to no other place. You are wellcome to stay with me. There is room for both of us, two equal states members of the UN. I will take the nuts from Hebron -El Halil and you will take care of your nuts, but if you want war? please go to the net and find what Sherman W. T. told the elders of Atalanta, war is hell and much much much more so.
Well you are being educated. Yesterday all the Jews came from Erope. Now it is Europe and somewhere else, Like : Azmi from Bshara? Mazrawi from where? Lubnani from where? Mugrabi from where? Tarbalusi ? Bagdadi? Like us you came here and found a home here and there is place for all of us. As for my people ? Yes we are all are Jews we all came from here, many of us stayed here all through history you ignoramus. The Muslims in 700 found us here and killed us. The crusaders in 1100 came and killed us but we always came back, 20th century ? we were always here even if few even if opressed. It is our country and we will hold it, you either accept it and divide the common property justly between us or go drink from the sea of Gaza. When the ME was divided we have had as much right for a state as Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon. You are christian ? please tell us if there was a king of the Jews was not there a kingdom? I do not lie. I know your kind would vote Hamas. Lemings you are lemings you were. But I did say that your future is the future of christianity in Saudia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Maroco, Algir. You, the writer, have the soul and the brain of Dahimy, second class, slave. You think that by picking on the Jews the bones you get will have more meat on them. Yes, they will have one of you to decorate their table and Daimy soul brain and body you will be proud of it, what a beautiful decoration I am. Does your mother now have a cloth on her head? does your sister wear short pants? what about a common pool? Please tell us about the Christian churches in Gaza. Please tell us about the dwindling numbers of christians in El-Bira, Bethgalla, Bethlehem, why are they leaving? why are they selling their land and their homes. As for the us, the Jews? Dahimy no more ! as for the reasons why the Jews left the Arab countries, man you are brainwashed. They came because they were forced to leave, these that wished and could do so went to London and NY . These who decided Dahimy no more went back home. Shalom to these who wish Shalom no Shlom for the war mongers.

Anonymous said...

Your cherished myths, lies, and propoganda is really tired and boring. Do you have to be so repetitive? The only people you have left supporting you are the ignorant American "christians" living in the Bible belt. I am not one of them. I am a Palestinian Arab, the descendant of the ancient Arab tribes of Canaanites and Jebusites that built the Arab city of jersusalem before a few Jewish tribes passed by for a few years.

War is not that bad. Prepare yourself for a war till the end if thats what you want. Condemn Zionism, let the refugees return, and build a democratic secular state for all people, and the Arabs will be kind enough to allow the people who have no right to this land to remain as equal citizens as long as they behave.

If not, you have two choices only: pack your bags or dig your graves.

Looking forward to war, and a nuclear mushroom cloud over my Palestine. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

The biggest reason for anti-semitism is the behavior of the jews. Who else but jews can steal an entire land, violently cleanse the population, murder them, and then claim to be acting in self-defense?

Lord Balfour gave you this land? Ok, tell him I said "fuck you" and also tell him I gave you London.

The UN gave it to you? Oh ok, tell the UN to kiss my ass.

God gave it to you. Oh ok, sorry, Allah never told me.

Pack your bags or dig your graves. Your losing. Your nukes wont help. Let the refugees return, and behave or you will suffer like you have never suffered before.

John said...

Anonymous, are your views even remotely representative of the Palestinian diaspora in the United States (I assume that that is where you live) ? I sincerely hope that you're just a deluded adolescent. Don't you think it's morally reprehensible for someone living safely in the United States to wish for a "nuclear mushroom cloud over my Palestine" ?

Anonymous said...

But this is crazy. The only source for the ideas and facts associated with the words:"Canaanites" "Jebusites" and "Jerusalem" is the Hebrew Bibel. A person steal my language, my book, my history, my traditions, my land, my science, and then pretend that he is the owner of the stolen goods and also call me names.

Amos said...

LOL. Good point! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will accept the Bible as the source. Go read it. There were people there before the arrival of the Jewish tribes who left with Abraham from the land of UR, Present day Iraq. In fact, the Jewish presence in Palestine was very short-lived. Also, the Canaanites, Jebusites were Arab tribes originally from the Peninsula. Jerusalem was built by the Jebusites, BEFORE the arrival of the first Jewish tribes.

Do not confuse the rise of Islam with the arrival of Arabs to Palestine. Arab tribes existed in Palestine before Islam. Islam brought with it people of the same ethnic stock. We do not claim Palestine based on Islam. We claim it as our historical land where we have been living since the begining. We are the descendants of the Cananites, Jebusites, and others who came to this land. We are the sum total of this history.

Zionism came to Palestine and ethnically cleansed the native Arabs in the early 20th century based on a dubious 2000 year old contract with god!. Do you see how absurd this is on its face. Even if we concede the absurdity that every Jew anywhere in the world is a descendant of the ancient Hebrews, they have no right to come back to palestine 2000 years later and to steal the land and kill its owners. Yes, go read the Bible. The Hebrews were a passing phenomenon in Palestine. Others stayed for much longer and left behind much more of a history. Yet we are not racists. We do not claim to be a pure race. Far from it. Palestine saw many invasions by different people. The sum total of this is the Palestinian Arabs: the native inhabitants in Palesttine before the illegal colonial-settlers came from Europe, ethnically cleansed the land, and set up a racist state. Today they claim to have a right to this racist colony while the native inhabitants live in refugee camps and are not allowed to return home.

Jews have a right to live in Iraq, Syria, Morocco, and Yemen where they have always lived and in Palestine, but they have no right to a racist state anywhere, and the Russians, Germans, and New Yorkers never had a right to colonize Palestine.

Stop screaming anti-semitism. Its an insult to our intelligence and an insult to the real victims of anti-semitism.

Yes, I live in the US now. My home is in Haifa. There is a Russian family who lives in it now. I have the deed to my house and the key! I will go back to Haifa one day. I will ask them to leave peacefully. If not, I will remove them by force. Its my home and my right.

also, I do not wish for a nuclear war. I was the one threatened with a nuclear war. They threaten me to say accept slavery and bend down on your knees and accept our mastery over you or we will nuke you! The immoral, the crazy, the terrorists are the ones who threaten to nuke me for wanting to go home. IN RESPONSE I say go ahead. Nuke me! I am not afraid. I have no fear. I am willing to die if you want to kill me. Nuke me ! Here in America someone said "give me liberaty or give me death" I agree. So in response to the threats of nuclear annihilation, I say I HAVE NO FEAR OF DEATH. I prefer death over slavery. A very natural human reaction.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I live here in the US only 6 months a year. I live the other 6 months in occupied Palestine. Make sure you nuke us while I am there with my family.

Remember what is "morally reprehensible" is to steal land, kill its people, and threaten them with nuclear annihiliation if they do not bend to their will and accept it. Our response is go ahead and do it. We are not afraid. Do not attempt to flip morality upside down. It will not work. Also, have you noticed how the owners of 300 nuclear warheads are more scared than the people they are threatening. You have no future here.

Anonymous said...

Notice that unlike the people responding I never use the word antisemic ect. I do use the ward Jew Hater, The hat is burning on their head not mine. Scared? people in Iraq are scared from the light of day and darkness of night, people in Leb. are scared of the Persians telling them when and how to die. People in Gaza are scared because every body is shooting every body, this BBC journalist who was kissing Pal. asses every day? I bet you he, like the Israeli soldier is scared. I am scared of war because I have been there many times, my sons are scared of war because they have been there and are scared of but are willingly preparing for the next one, my grandson is scared becaue he will go there, so what? The Israeli Jews have been scared of war for the last 100 years and see were they are. It seems that in general the only people that are not scared of war are the leaders of the Pal. and these who speak for them, as on this blog, and see where did it got them.
No Arab lived West of the Jordan prior to the Muslim invasion. Not one sign of Arab, not a letter not a place name, not a stone, not anything. i.e. Bethlehm is the house of bread-wheat or the house of meat-buthcher?, think about it. The nations and tribes the bible mentioned are not Arabs, as far as is known from few written sources some of the people mentioned did not even speak Semitic languages, Aruna? Arvana? Sanskrit? You are making a soup of the Bible and all kind of primitive Pal. propaganda. The Israelites existed in Israel as tribes and states and as persecuted Dehimies and as state again from the end of the Bronze Age to this day.
Jews were exterminated in: Leb. Syria, Jordan, Iraq.....There are arabic speaking people in Haifa now as there were since the muslim conquest. I communicate with some of them daily. Nobody but no body cleaned the Arabs from Haifa. It is a bold clear lie as every body can see with his eye. How many Jew are living in Wadi Gamil, Beirut, Sur? Saidah?. You say that Jews can live in Arab countries why Arabs can not live in a Jewish state you shameless racist?. Who is the racist exterminator? Nation-State is a new phenomenon. Most arab states are also defined as Muslim in which the Shariha by definition make the others Dahimis. This is presently what the Hamas is offering me. There are about 20-30 Arab-Muslim or muslim states. In all of them I repeat all all all the fate of the jew is much much much 'bad" (if he is not killed !!!)than the fate of Arabs in israel ( Just think about the extreme, the fate (wrore fat as it is) of the Druz in the Gavlan). No more Dahimy !!!! surely no more dead Dahimy. As was said: "Give me liberty or give me death" goes for me as for you. So before we are all dead we should divide pal. between us.

Anonymous said...

Some body said that he live half year in Pal. half in USA. There is a war between Pal. and Is., yet he with all his opinions and presumably actions, as in this blog, gets, rightly as he should, into an area occupied by his enemy, during a war. He benefits from the fact that Is. is acting, as it should, according to a certain set of values which he take for granted and use, as any human being would. Yet this bigot & racist accept gladly and support the fact and the act that no Jew is allowed the same treatment in Gaza, or Leb. or Syria or Egypt, or Jordan because even the last 2 are on "delicate" relations with Israel. As an Arab Palestinian he demands, and gets, more rights and privilages, even the one of political self determination, which he is not giving the other. This is only because the other is a Jew and he is an Arab. After all the only reason, and it is a good one, that there is Palestine is because some people want it. Otherwise is not Jordan, Lebanon and Syria a proper expression of the Arab need and political right for self determination? why build a unique special artificial Arab state on the land claimed, for generations, by the Jews? The only reason is that the Pal wish it. This is also the reason for the establishment of Israel. He is boldly demanding for himself what he boldly denies the others. He even refuses to split the disputed land, as was decided by the League of Nations and The UN which is the international law he and his kind are talking so much about. This is crude brutal biggoted racism by any definition.

Anonymous said...

No, I will not split the land. Why should I give half my house to someone so I can live in the other half? The entire house is mine.


Nobody disputed that the Jews were not the first in Palestine. We are the descendants of all the various Arab tribes that lived in Palestine. You are wrong, the Canaanites, and Jebusites came from the Peninsula. Also, we do not claim racial purity as YOU do. We say all this people existed in Palestine and the net result is the Arab Palestinian that the Zionists ethnically cleansed in 1948. They had no right to do so. They had no right to come there.

2) Yes Jews have always lived with us. They are welcomed to remain as equal citizens in all Arab countries, but they have no right to a racist, exclusivist state anywhere in the Arab world.

3)Remember the absurdity of claiming the land 2000 years later even if the false assumption was true. Interestingly, nobody disputed my ancient history of palestine which existed BEFORE THE JEWISH TRIBES CAME THERE. JERUSALEM WAS ALREADY BUILT. NOBODY DISPUTED THIS. YOU CANT. ITS IN THE BIBLE.

4) The best you can claim is that the Jews of the ME, (not Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Poles, and other Europeans or New Yorkers)and Arabs have the same ancestors which might be historically accurate. Yes you insist in your racist analysis which is false and troubling.

5)"no Arabs west of the Jordan".lol. Going back to the talking points of the 1950's! You need to update your propoganda. Since your going retro on us, why not use the slogan "a land without a people for a people wihtout a land". hahahaha.

6) Everyone of your claims which I have mostly ignored as you can tell can easily be refuted emperically. Every Zionist claim can be refuted scientifically by any credible historian. The only claim we cannot subject to emperical scrutiny is the claim "GOD GAVE US THIS LAND". But in response I can say Allah NEVER TOLD ME.

7) The Bible says the land was given to the descendants of Abraham, not the Jews! So again, the best claim you can make (although as an atheist i dont give a shit about the bible or koran) is that the land belongs to BOTH the Jews (isaac) and Arabs (Ishmael). But your not smart enough to make this comment. Your too racist.

7) Our cause is a morally compelling cause that stands on its own merits. We have a right to defend ourselves from Zionist colonizers. The assertion that Israel behaves morally is laughable and troubling. If I start repeating the massacres Israel has committed I will never stop. I think you guys know it so there is no need. The continuing denial of this reality is hate-speech of the ugliest kind. The Shame is yours.

8) As for you, your sons, and grandchildren goign to war. I assure you we are more patient, and planning for generations. Do not ever try to scare us. You should know better. Will not work. We are ready for anything. And we are planning for everything. We will go home no matter the cost. Keep killing us. Keep bombing. It will not work. We are ready. Yallah!

allah yil3an al-3unsuriyeen al-falastiniyeen said...
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Anonymous said...

You've exalted the Palestinians as true "natives" and you therefore believe that their political rights should take precedence over those of the Jews in Israel.

Yes, that is correct. The Arabs of Palestine, the Palestinians, are the native inhabitants of the land of Palestine and the true owners of the land. Not only do their rights "take precedence" over others, in fact, their rights are THE ONLY RIGHTS that exist. Nobody else has any right at all whatsoever to Palestine.

Of course an aggressive colonial settler who comes to colonize the land, and remove its inhabitants has no rights! Are you crazy?

No. They have no right to Palestine just as the Arabs would have no right to go to Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, and find the Jewish areas and steal their land and kill them if they don't leave.

Self pitty? I do not think so. I am strong and my roots are deep. My roots go back thousands of years unlike the illegal European settlers who arrived a few decades ago. I am patient and strong and most importantly I have justice and morality on my side. All you can do is lie and scream anti-semeitism. But you are upset because your lies are now being revealed. Even the stupid white men in the USA are waking up to you.

Incitement to violence?? Really? I suppose you mean that when someone told me they were going to drop a nuclear weapon on me and my family I was inciting violence because I told him I am not afraid. Sorry. But Im not.

Anonymous said...

So it is war for ever. A parasite in a normal people blog. Claims of atheism but a religion of self, self, self and permanent pathological hate. Lies, manipulations of facts, the eternity of the Arabs, every body is, was, will be an Arab who came from the peninsula and his conquests are is and will always right. The "good" of the Arabs, The "evil" of all others. Never one drop of introspection. Invitation of the Jews to live as they do in the Arab counries, kind of funny is not it?, as the man, the future host said: Ha Ha Ha The whole belong to me, me, me, me, me. An expert opinion about the Jebusites. He as an arab knows every thing but every thing better, always better because he is an Arab. The mutual butcheing in Gaza, money for weapons more weapons, people burried in their own excrements, more weapons, then crying, more crying then begging, crying, wailing, threatening, wailing, complaing, ana maskin ya sidy ect. Never constructing, never building, destroying, killing self and others, wailing, kidnepping, wailing, bombing, crying, killing, knifying, ect. ect. Just copied this whole thing for Anthrop. 101. wish it could be printed in the Guardian.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is true, but replace the word Arab with Zionist. The Zionists are the killers, murderes, thiefs, and colonizers who demand the world recognize their right to colonize another peoples' land because God chose them to do so.

Again, no need to respond to the nonsense. Its not new. Actually its kind of funny. The talking points are so ancient. I feel like Im reading Zionists from the 60s and 70s.

FACT #1)
Modern day European Jews are not descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

FACT#2) The ancient Hebrews were not the only people in Palestine. In fact, they were a passing group of tribes who spend much less time there than the others.

FACT #3)Modern day zionists ethnically cleansed Palestine of its real owners in 1947-8.

FACT #4)The refugees have not been allowed to return, and you are threatening us with Nuclear annhiliation, a sign of desperation and implied admission of your fears and recognition of your inevitable demise in Palestine.

FACT #5)
Nobody can even challenge the historical facts I gave you. I used your own Torah and you cannot reply.

I for one could not care less about the fucking Torah, Koran, or new testament Bible. I am a secular atheist opposed to all forms of racism. Zionism is a cancer that must be eradicated in order for Jews and Arabs to live togther in peace as they always did.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually refer to Jews to make generalizations because that would make me a racist like you who is full of hate for Arabs. I am not a racist, and I will not let my enemies turn me into a racist. I will maintain my humanity and moral superiority over you. BUT: If you want to talk about racism and whining, I don't think anyone else but the Jews claim to be "gods chosen" and no group of people whines and complains as much as the jews. Elie Weasel is a perfect example. You come to Palestine to kill and steal and then complain you were persecuted in Europe. Stop whining. And if you want to go back to Europe and ask Germany for a small piece of Bavaria, I will support you. Why should we give you Palestine?

Oh yeah, don't forget to tell Tony Blair we also agree to give you London the same way Lord Balfour agreed to give you Palestine.

In fact, I Feel generous today. Go ahead, I also give you New York, New Jersey, and Floirda. Tell the Americans I said you can choose one.


Anonymous said...

I was not offended. Leave it there. We all know what you say in Hebrew anyway, and its not any less offensive. Leave it on here so everyone can see how a Zionist speaks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Palestinian-American:

You're an atheist, but you believe in the religion of secular nationalism (when it suits you).

You support the right of self-determination for one nation - the Palestinian nation - whose nationhood, unlike that of the Jews, you regard as an objective, historical constant, rather than a historically determined construction.

You've exalted the Palestinians as true "natives" and you therefore believe that their political rights should take precedence over those of the Jews in Israel. On the other hand, you, like myself, would certainly raise vehement objections if chauvinists in the United States or Europe were to try to disenfranchise more recent immigrants or to claim that they are less deserving of political rights.

You show a disdain for Jewish history and you argue that the lack of continuous Jewish political control over the Holy Land in the past 2000 years makes the Zionist claim to a nation-state illegitimate. On the other hand, you subscribe to an extreme nationalist Palestinian narrative that sanctifies the exclusive right of Palestinians to political control over all of Mandate Palestine and would never abdicate it in a million years.

You wallow in self-pity and claim the right to "self-defense" against a people you seek to delegitimize as agressive colonists, but your comments are full of bluster and incitement to violence.

... and of course, you'll be the first to whine about "Israeli State Terrorism" when another "freedom fighter" preparing to launch an attack on Israeli civilians or soldiers bites the dust.