Thursday, March 30, 2006

Canadian was technical "mastermind" behind al-Qaeda plot

These guys actually sound like a bunch of amateurs. But apparently an Ottawa-based computer technician who fixed computers for the Dept. of Foreign Affairs was behind a plot to use remote-controlled airplanes to bomb London.

This emerged in testimony at a British court. The guy might be a complete liar though.

This was kind of amusing:

"When I was in Pakistan, me and Cash [Mr. Babar] talked about Immy, what's he going to do there," Mr. Khawaja wrote in one e-mail. "We have a suggestion for a one-way operation to the most high, maybe in Yahoodi land."

It was not explained who "Immy" was. But "Yahoodi" is an Arab term for Jews, and in common parlance "Yahoodi land" could refer to Israel or to the West in general.

Who WAS Immy???

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