Sunday, March 26, 2006

US WZO Congress Elections Results

While we are on the topic of elections, American Jews recently elected 145 delegates to represent them in the 35th Zionist Congress - "The Congress of the Jewish People." Voting was done online with registration running from July 1, 2005 to February 15, 2006. Overall, more than 85,000 registered to vote, of whom 88% cast ballots.

I think it's interesting to observe the clear victory of left-of-center and left-wing parties in these elections. See information on the parties and their lists.

Here are the results:

ARZA (Reform) 55
Baltimore Zionist District 1
Dor Zion 2
Green Zionist Alliance 2
Hatikva (Meretz and other left-wing parties) 5
Herut, NA 2
Jewish Reconstructionist 2
Likud 3
Mercaz (Conservative Movement) 32
Religious Zionist Slate 35
Russian American Jews for Israel 1
Zionist Organization of America 5

Total 145

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