Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ordering a kosher meal? Think again

I just went to the travel agency to get my flight back to Canada. As usual, I requested a kosher meal, so that I don't have to eat ham and cheese. The salesperson, who was really friendly and professional, told me that there might be a problem. Well, it turns out that the problem is that when you order kosher nowadays, you are automatically put on an FBI WATCH list!

Wild stuff, no?

My first thought: someone explain the difference between halal and kosher to these fools! More seriously: this is insidious. I guess the directive was primarily targetting those suspicious halal eaters (terrible!) and kosherizers simply got caught. Well, it's screwed up that they thought to target Muslims like that. It's crazy that ANYONE should be a priori singled out like this because of their religious commitments. Isn't this grounds for a lawsuit? It's crazy that people who eat different food because of their beliefs should become targets like this. They're imposing conformity and making difference suspect. Well, screw them, I'm not eating their ham and cheese sandwiches.


John said...

Wow, that's some crazy stuff, for sure. The fact is, though, that they don't serve ham and cheese sandwiches, as far as I know.

Noah Kaye said...

They TELL you when you're put on an FBI watchlist? I guess you just can't find out WHY -- I think the ACLU fought for this.

Amos said...

Yah, they do serve ham and cheese, especially the FOREIGN air lines. I've seen it with my very own eyes! Of course, they also got another option usually, like turkey and cheese for example. Or just turkey. Anyway, nowadays, because of mad cow and the avian flu, I bet a lot of people want to eat more ham.