Friday, March 24, 2006

A New Book: Academic Freedom after 9/11

Look at these complainers. They're finally being taken to task for the hateful stuff they've been writing, and now they want to claim immunity from criticism. I am over-stating the case a bit, and I do feel some concern about attempts to stifle controversial views, but the po-co crowd is not exactly a great role model. Look who is quoted as endorsing the book, too.

Academic Freedom after September 11

Are the attacks on academic freedom after 9/11 a passing storm, or do they represent a structural shift that undermines one of the pillars of democratic societies? This book brings together some of this nation's leading scholars to analyze the challenges to academic freedom posed by post-9/11 political interventions and the market-driven commercialization of knowledge, examining these issues in light of the major transformations in the system of higher education since the Second World War, including conflicting interpretations of what constitutes academic freedom.

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