Friday, July 14, 2006

Local Reactions in Haifa

A picture of the beautiful Bahai Gardens in Haifa taken last winter.
My brother and I had made plans to tour it again on Shabbat.

Ghaleb Abu Zaineb, a Hizbullah official, today threatened that the terrorist organization would fire more rockets on Haifa "at any time." Reactions here in Haifa to the attacks and new threats vary. Yesterday, before the first rocket landed in Haifa, many people expressed doubt that Hizbullah would pull through with their threat. Following the attack, people on the street reacted in different ways. There were some nervous tears, and I noticed more hugging than usual; some of the young men voiced fears that they might soon be called up. Everyone is glued to radio and television news, wondering what their next step should be: staying put, locating nearby bunkers, or preparing to stay with friends and family further south. Our family members are also urging us to come to the centre of Israel. For now though, most people are staying put. However, daily life has been interrupted or at least modified. People have changed their weekend plans, and are going to spend less time outside. Work has also been affected for some.


Nasrawi said...

The State is on kidnap

John said...

Whoever is getting sick of listening to depressing music or the news on Israeli radio stations should tune in to Radio Noshmim Mizrahit at . In the past hours, they've played Yemenite, Kurdish, Bukharan, Georgian and Moroccan tunes, and they're unabashedly trying to לעשות שמח ... ya3ni bifarr7hu (they're partying it up)