Thursday, July 13, 2006

Haifa Hit

Haifa, one of the major population centres of Israel and the city I live in, has been hit. Although the New York Times claims that two rockets have hit the Haifa port, I have not come across this information elsewhere.
We know that the area of the famous Stella Maris Cathedrale (about two kilometres from my home) was hit. The information we are getting is rather confusing: stay at home, don't go outside; on the other hand, my friend says there are clear instructions to go down to the neighbourhood bunkers. The mall I work at was shut down some time after the rocket hit, before regular closing time. All the coffee shops and restaurants, usually bustling in the evening hours, are also dark and empty.


Noah Kaye said...


I'm sorry about my flippancy in an earlier comment, something about the movie Syriana. I forgot you live in Haifa. Take care.

Amos said...

The television says that only Stella Maris has been hit and not the port. I think it landed pretty close to that monastery that we walked to once.

Hizbullah actually comes out looking kind of nice in Syriana. They're the ones who save George Clooney from getting his head cut off with a butcher knife.