Saturday, July 15, 2006

Live from Haifa

After the first boom, we weren't 100% sure what it was. But it became very obvious when we heard them all in succession. We both jumped out of bed. The booms were unlike anything I've heard. They weren't super-loud but really powerful-sounding, and it wouldn't stop. Boom boom boom boom. There was a five minute pause, and then we heard the next round. We counted a total of 13. There were bomb shelter sirens after the first booms. It took a while for the news to come on; we were watching Dr. Seuss for like a minute and still hearing booms. On another channel they were reporting about tonight's quiet, then suddenly, השקט הזה כרגע נגמר, "this quiet has just ended." There are six dead and and twenty wounded I am just seeing on the TV. We heard ambulances go by, but right now, it's 9:35 and relatively quiet. Oops, I spoke too soon, it's 9:40 and sirens are going off. I don't know if it's to go those nasty bunkers or just "protected rooms." We just heard another boom, that makes it 14 katyushot.

The number of dead has gone up to 9. Apparently the railway station has been hit, but have to confirm that. The neighborhoods that have been hit are [removed] and possibly [removed], which is very close, but we might have misheard the latter. [ADDED 10:10: it was not the railway station, but a garage - I think this is where the injuries were].

It's 10 am. We are watching some grainy images, maybe they're using their cell phones to film this. 10:02: we just heard 3 more booms. We are really absorbing some hits. The sirens are going off, and we are thinking more and more that the bunker might be a good idea. It would be nice to shower first but the bathroom faces north (that's bad, not because of the feng shui). Hizbullah just announced that they have fired Raad-2 and Raad-3 rockets. We are hearing some stuff on loudspeakers outside. I'm going to listen. Couldn't make it out.

10:10 the sirens are to stay inside, if possible in protected rooms.


Ariel said...

I didn't know you were in the thick of things like that, Amos. Nataly and I are flying into Ben Gurion Monday but we're not likely to venture further north than Karkur. Anyway, stay safe.

Gavriel said...

Stay safe. You're in everyone's prayers. And thanks for sharing your experience.

rebecca said...

yes. take care.

Amos said...

Thanks a lot for all your support. Ariel - I wish you safe trip, perhaps I will see you here.