Monday, August 07, 2006

The Aftermath of One Katyusha

I just came back from going out to buy some bread and other groceries. On the way, I stopped by the site of one of the katyusha landings in my neighbourhood. The sight made me realize how important a safe room or a bomb shelter is.

The katyusha landed some metres away from this home and all of its windows were blown out. Luckily, the katyusha landed in a garden and most of the force was absorbed by a large tree (which is no longer standing).

This is part of the bottom floor of the building.

But the scariest sight might actually be that of the cars parked along the street.

This little girl is crouching along one of the many cars which had its windows blown out.

She showed me what she was doing -

collecting the little metal balls from the katyusha's head, which scatter in all directions when it explodes. There are 40,000 of these metal balls per katyusha. The hood of this car has absorbed dozens...

Which is what makes the katyushas so deadly. These balls are designed to act like bullets and to maximize the destruction - especially of human lives. And this was just one of the many katyushas which landed in Haifa yesterday (killing three people).


Halla said...

Oh my God, no wonder there are so many injuries!!
Take care of yourselves!

John said...

Clearly aimed to maximize killing civilian life - meanwhile the enemy moralizes hypocritically about Israels actions.