Saturday, August 19, 2006

Repairing the Damage

There haven't been any more sirens or missiles since Monday morning.

The focus in the north is now on repairing the damage. One of the apartments we looked at today on our apartment hunt was located within a block between two buildings (one of which can be seen below) that had been hit by a missile.

The force of the missiles, which fell both north and south of the apartment, had broken all of its windows. But the landlord was already busy making repairs (he will receive compensation for the damage and must submit receipts). We're not taking the apartment.

But the damage obviously isn't limited to private property. The post office below also suffered a direct hit. The yellow signs warn, roughly, "Danger - Collapse - Entry Prohibited," and a makeshift fence has been erected to make sure the instructions are followed.

The same can be seen at this site, a building that used to house an Arabic-language newspaper. Three people were killed in that day's attack.

Thank G-d that the nearest missile to my apartment landed a good 200 metres away and not any closer.


Halla said...

Thanks for the update Carmia, I was wondering what was going on in Haifa. I recognize that newspaper building, one of my cousins filmed it from his house (his windows were blown out)

Delana said...

Hello carmia good to hear from you again.Glad to hear there are no more sirens and missiles.How is the apartment search going?How is Inch doing? I'm a cat person, not one for loud yippy dogs. Although they can be just as cute. Take care Carmia we still think of youy.

Carmia said...

Inch is fine and dandy, curled up on the table and purring away. Apartment search... still going!