Wednesday, August 16, 2006

John featured on BBC Arabic Radio

You can download a short clip of John being interviewed on BBC Arabic (in Arabic) here. For some reason, the streaming audio plays really fast, but it's fine if you download it. The segment on Lebanese and Israeli blogs, which was aired on August 13 after an interview with MK Azmi Bishara, even features short bits of Israeli music - listen at 1'06". John can be heard between 2'21" and 2'44". Enjoy.


Halla said...

John I am impressed! I cannot understand formal arabic, only conversational, I give you allot of kudos for that. But I do love the Fairuz music in the background (a favorite of mine)

John said...

Is it really good policy, that Israel has a habit of turning around and giving everything back, after a successful yet costly exercizes in self-defence? (1949, 1967, 2006)

Anonymous said...

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