Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Arab Moderates

The New York Times has a feature on the supposedly devastating effects of the Lebanon war on Arab moderates:
Moderate reformers across the Arab world say American support for Israel’s battle with Hezbollah has put them on the defensive, tarring them by association and boosting Islamist parties.
As they have many times before, these moderates are urging the US to stop supporting Israel because it undermines American standing in the region:
“Those calling for democratic reform in Egypt have discovered that once Israeli interests are in conflict with political reform in the Middle East, then the United States will immediately favor Israel’s interests,” said Ibrahim Issa, the editor of the weekly Al Dustour, who faces a jail sentence on charges of insulting President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.
The problem is that very few of these reformers have ever had the courage to challenge the dogmatic policies of their governments with regard to Israel. Only a handful of them were at all positively inclined toward Israel in the first place. And few of them have spoken out against the rampant antisemitism in their societies. With a few notable exceptions, these reformers too accepted Israel as a sort of litmus test. You can criticize everything else, but you have to pledge allegiance to the cause of fighting Israel (though by different means).


tod0001 said...

I write, fax, my state's senator to urge him to support Israel.
I also try to support Israel in my prayers.
Also, I am still praying for the safety of everyone.

tod0001 said...

יהוה bless you and keep you;
יהוה make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
יהוה lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

-canuck- said...

I've never bought into the argument that Israel by defending itself discourages moderation in the Arab World.

Who cares anyway?

JD said...

It is nice to know what is at the other side. Why can't I as christian lebanese and moderate arab and anti-extremism and anti-religious fanatism convince my people to forget the past and move on ? see my blog please
By the way , Canuck , you never understood how Israel "defending" itself on an occupied territory since 1967, killing people, demolishing homes, long before suicide attacks came to place , and taking new never understood how this discourages moderation ? hmmm... oh here you said it "who cares anyway", cause you like me are able to have a decent life, while millions of people suffer.. but I do have a conscience