Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two Sirens in Haifa, 5 Killed further North

After I finished teaching today, I was given a lift to the Central Bus Station in Haifa by the father of one of my students. He also happens to work for Egged, which is the Israeli bus company. He told me that there were a few bus drivers already who have been injured by shrapnel and glass shards from katyushas while they were driving. That's one reason that the frequency of the bus service has been slown down. The other reason is because he says that less people were using the buses lately. My bus however, was packed. Every single seat was taken and some people were standing. About half of the people had large bags on them - they were obviously coming back to Haifa after spending time further south. Right before we got on the bus, there were two air raid warning sirens: the first at about 3:57 PM and the second around 4:05 PM. At the time, I was standing at the bus stop outside at the Central Bus Station and heard one "boom". There were a lot of other people around me. Only a few people headed inside the station to sit in the shelter (including two parents with their young child). The rest of us stayed outside and some people expressed frustration and complaints. "Again?!"

Oh, there's another siren now: it's 5:02 PM. I got off the couch (we were watching the news report about the Israelis from Acre and Ma'alot-Tarshicha who were killed by the katyusha attacks today) and headed to the hallway.
I didn't hear any booms, so I guess it's a false alarm this time.

Update: Now they're saying on TV that it's six killed in the North.

Another update: It's 8 civilians killed - the number keeps rising.

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