Sunday, August 06, 2006

Very Close Explosions

We just had ANOTHER siren and there were VERY loud explosions, so it was close to my house. My roommate and I had gone into the hallway when the siren sounded. She started crying when the explosions hit and didn't stop - again, I didn't bother counting, but it was a bunch. I hugged her and I guess this made me stay calm. She decided to go back to the centre of Israel tomorrow (she just came back today).
Okay, her boyfriend just called - he saw the katyusha fall - it's a couple of blocks away from our apartment. We're hearing a lot of ambulances.
We're going down to the bomb shelter now.

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Likes Clouds in Israel said...

I heard it too, the windows starts to shake everytime one of the rockets it, I'm still staying in Haifa