Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am half awake, half asleep. I was talking to an old friend last night on the phone, and with the time difference between us, I was up until 4:00 AM. I went to sleep only to be jerked awake at 7:09 AM by the air raid warning siren. I heard at least one missile. It sounded like it hit the Krayot, Haifa's surburbs.
That was confusing because the last news I had heard claimed there would be a cease-fire at 7:00 AM. So much for that. Then again, why am I confused? Yesterday, while talking about a cease-fire, 250 rockets hit Northern Israel. And on Haaretz, I just read that the cease-fire has been pushed back to 8 AM. Why not. Another, extra hour to squeeze in some more alarms.
Back to bed.

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Matityahu said...

Nasrallah's celebrations...

Finally, ceasefire. Some hope. Deep pessimissm.

The celebrations by Hizbollah were predictable, as are statements that Hizbollah is the only force to "protect" Lebanon against Israel. Please, understand everybody how ludicrous the argument is. Israel would not have waged this compaign were it not because of Hizbollah's fanatic anti-Israeli threats, rocket arsenal, and actions. On the contrary, Israel and Lebanon have no real dispute and could be enjoying good neighborly relations without the agitation of groups like Hizbollah. The talk about "victory" is so cynical in the face of many civilian victims that Hizbollah was willing to sacrifice just to enhance their own standing. Refusing to recognize the souvereignty of the Lebanese state, to disarm and to join as a democratic party, Hizbollah is poised once more to cause long-term harm the the Lebanese population.
Is this so difficult to see ???