Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Second Alarm of the Day in Haifa

We just had another alarm in Haifa. I retreated to the hallway with my laptop in hand. I was talking to my brother on Skype and he could hear the booms in background.
My boyfriend is on his way to Haifa, so I made sure to call him and check if everything is alright. The road he uses to get here is the same one that the man in his car was killed on. We had planned to look for an apartment in Haifa this evening, but I don't know anymore if that's such a good idea.
Inch, our cat, retreated to her own "shelter". If she doesn't join us in the hallway, that's where she can usually be found. Of course, her shelter is usually sealed at all times but I took the liberty of lifting up part of the blanket to allow a look inside.

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Talya and Russell said...


I always read your blog in England after I saw it recommended in The Times. Now some of my friends and family also read it so we can feel closer to you in Israel and what you are going through, although obviously we cannot imagine what it is really like. Thanks for writing and please try and stay safe.