Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Third Siren in Haifa

My boyfriend and I decided to look for apartments anyway even though there had been a few sirens earlier in the day. Around 7:00 PM, after we had just arrived at the first apartment in Stella Maris (the same street where Haifa's first-ever katyusha had landed), the sirens sounded again. The woman whose apartment we were looking at didn't have a "mamad" (a "safe room") so she told us, "Get into the shower - and take a look at the bathroom while you're there." We waited out the siren in her small bathroom and then she showed us the rest of the apartment. She has a view of the north, so we asked her if she has already actually seen the katyushas in the air. She hasn't, but she can see the smoke rising after they hit the ground.
Ironically, although it was a relatively quiet day in Haifa, Ha'aretz reports that a record number of 210 katyushas fell in the north today.

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Delana said...

greetings Carmia.sounds as if your apartment hunt will be a challenging one.we live in a average 2 br.but the trees in the back told me to look no further. I love to watch my toddlers ryun around them.My daughter Maya calls it her forest.we are still thinking of you guys.stay safe.