Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nothing has Changed in Haifa

We're at home and after another siren. This time it's not Avinoam and me (he's at work) but my other roommate. She has come back from the centre of Israel, where her parents live. She took refuge there for a few weeks until she says she got sick and tired of being away from home (the apartment she rents with us here in Haifa).
The siren came on a few minutes ago - I was sweeping and my roommate cooking - when we dropped everything to sit in our hallway. We heard a lot of katyushas landing in Haifa - some closer, and some further from our apartment. I stopped counting, but on the news which we're watching now, they reported that more than 10 katyushas fell in the Haifa area.
I think that was the fourth siren in Haifa today.
People keep saying that "hard times are ahead". I'm not really sure why. But I guess one of the reasons is that a katyusha has already reached the town of Hadera, which is an escalation since it's even further south of Haifa.

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