Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Haifa Sights

This evening, I was walking home from work and passed by a car waiting for the traffic light to change. I noticed all of its back window was blown out. The first association that crossed my mind of course, was that a katyusha had landed in promixity to this car. My thought was confirmed when I saw the little holes in the car, caused by the katyusha's metal ball bearings (see Monday's post). My friend who saw the pictures likened the sight to "Swiss cheese." There are actually people riding around the city in these mangled cars.
Something else I noticed on the way home was that the coffee shops have started to fill up again - not like before the war, but better than in weeks.
I also thought I saw my friend walking across the street. I was about to call out his name when I realized that it couldn't be him - he has been called up to reserve duty. So have four of my other friends.

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