Thursday, August 03, 2006

Iran the Stabilizer

Douste-Blazy and Rice on an earlier occasion

How embarrassing. Two days after the French FM Philippe Douste-Blazy praised Iran for playing "an important stabilizing role in the region" (not a joke!), Ahmadinejad tells the world what this means. At the Organization of Islamic Countries Conference the Iranian President said that the solution to the Middle East crisis is to destroy Israel.


Anonymous said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Iran has always wanted to destroy Israel. .. but it is amazing that, knowing the world would hear, he said it so openly like that. No hiding behind diplomacy.. or political B.S.

These people are getting crazier by the day!!

Lebanesegirl said...

Iran wants to destroy the whole world caring less whether its israel,lebanon,america,or any other country. Thats why they waged a war between us again. Not all Lebanese ppl want war with israel, or war at all.
I for instance would like to see all the countries united with peace.We've had enough of killing and hatred for each other.It's time to stop the selfishness and the hatred. I just wonder sometimes why can't we live peacefully. There isn't one government around the world that is caring about the civilians.We're the ones paying for all their mistakes.May God be with us and with u during this war because in the end we're the innocent civilians facing the worst.

John said...


ron said...

the new "aman arasha"
today israel have "nuc" the 30s was
the end of "wimp nerdy jewish".

Beny Shlevich said...

And that's the same France that's supposed to send in troops to protect the border and protect us from the Hizbullah.


Amos said...

I couldn't agree more, lebanesegirl.

Noah S. said...

Well, at least Douste-Blazy came out and ate his words and condemned Iran after Ahmadinejad's comments.