Sunday, August 13, 2006

No End to Sirens in Haifa

4:30 PM and another siren with a bunch of missiles falling on Haifa.

My evening lesson has just been cancelled. Another work day lost.

I just got off the phone with my friend. He's in the army and has been stationed in the north. He really didn't sound well - he just lost two of his friends and two other guys from the unit. He also doesn't feel very optimistic about this cease-fire for several reasons: Israel will not get the kidnapped soldiers back (Ehud Goldwasser, 31, Eldad Regev, 26, and Gilad Shalit, 19, who has been kidnapped by the Hamas), which triggered this whole crisis; Haifa and other northern cities in Israel are still being hit by missiles; and support of Hezbollah has risen all over the world. Some family friends of ours are also desperately waiting for the return of the kidnapped soldiers. They are close friends of Ehud Goldwasser and his family.

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Delana said...

Greetings Carmia,hopefully this will all calm down.Ive been watching the U.N. coverage. They seem to THINK they have something worked out and Isreal has agreed to the draft ressolution.I am keeping positive thoughts and pray all will go according to the plan they have set before them.It sounds scratch inch behind the ear for me,because life does go on.