Thursday, August 03, 2006

What Radicalizes the Muslim World

From the Organization of the Islamic Conference attended by 56 Muslim nations, quoted in Ha'aretz:
"This war must stop, or it will radicalize the Muslim world, even those of us who are moderate today," said Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who leads the world's most populous Muslim country.
I am curious. Why don't the deaths in Darfur, where a genocide is being perpetrated by Muslims against other Muslims, radicalize the Islamic world? What about the 100 deaths per diem in Iraq, courtesy of other believers?

Strangely enough, it is not only Muslims who become "radicalized" when Israeli military operations lead to Muslim deaths. Has Kofi Annan, for example, devoted even a quarter of the amount of time he spends condemning Israel to the crisis in Darfur? How much time has he spent in efforts to stop the thousands of deaths every month caused by various wars in Africa?


M. Simon said...

Moderate Muslims?

You probably believe in the tooth fairy.

Well I could be exaggerating. There were a lot of moderate Germans in the '30s.

A difficult lesson.

The above is by a nice Jewish blogger BTW.

M. Simon said...

The immoderate Germans were stopped by war.

So the question is: do you want to stop the immoderate muslims? Even if it means radicalizing a few more in the interim?

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