Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Silence Broken in Haifa

Things have been relatively quiet in Haifa over the last few days. The last sirens, on Sunday, turned out to be false warnings. But this morning around 10:13, the air raid warning sirens sounded and I met my roommate in the hallway. We listened to a bunch of far off booms. On the news they're now reporting that the booms we heard didn't fall in Haifa itself. I'm not sure how my plans for today will be affected. The truth is that no one was surprised about today. Every Haifan I spoke to yesterday said it was "the silence before the storm". I don't know if we will have more alarms but usually where there is one, there are two, three, four, up to nine alarms a day.

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Delana said...

greetings Carmia,the IDF and the U.N. seem to have a plan.I just pray that Missy(C.Rice)and the U.N. are able to obtain a lasting peace. Although anyone with a ounce of sense,knows things like this will not just cease. do you think that each member of the U.N. could assure and never doubt that their nation practices humillity. that their nation wants to live AND let live.i think those should be the begginning requirments for admission into the U.N. (did i just empty the U.N. lol) I'm serious, not even my nation with her big heart and open arms cannot say this without thinking of the gangs and degenerates that are allowed to roam in my country.Everyone is so worried about what everyone else is doing. they dont pay attention to whats right in front of them.I know im asking for the impossible. i have a thought that gives me assurance that well, its all worth doing right,"if I keep my home, my home should keep me. without question or doubt my home should keep me as i keep my home. my daughter is three and in her will be my will of something better, something good. As long as you respect life and its creator(no matter how you do that)things should fall into place. good things are possible.And then i ask myself,is it right to put such hope for something so perfect,when the world is at war with itself. I say itself because frankly thats what it comes down to.we are one world of many beautiful nations(wich i have yet to visit due to current circumstancees)and we are all kicking the sh-t out of her.Take a look around its not just war its poverty and illness. People only thinking about number one THEMSELVES.What shape will the world be in when my daughter is of age to vote? Look at what we as a world are giving our children.stay safe Carmia.