Monday, August 07, 2006

Another Siren Follows the First

It's only six minutes later and the air raid warning sirens just went off again. Boom. I thought I had stopped counting the missiles falling and exploding but I am alone at home and that is keeping my mind busy. My heart is beating fast.
Update: My boyfriend just called, the sirens sounded in the Jezreel Valley as well. He gets into the bathroom every time he hears them - he thinks that's the safest room in the apartment.


Delana said...

Carmia,glad to hear(read)your postsand that you are doing well.I often wonder about the factorys that produce these man made monsters.they must have no heart.How is inch doing?I try not to watch the news. I pray for a resolution.Not just a resolution but for Israel to exist in peace so I may finally visit the land that has so much beauty in it.I've been to alot of places,but i have yet to plan a trip to Israel.It is a goal when the fighting(G-D willing) stops, to plan a month vacation in Israel.stay safe Carmia.We are thinking of you.(and Inch lol)

Carmia said...

Thanks, Delana, for all the comments you have left on the blog :)
Inch is doing ok, she's originally a street cat, so she's resilient.