Sunday, August 06, 2006

Qana Death Toll Reduced by 26

Human Rights Watch has revised its figures for the death toll in the bombing of Qana. After initially reporting a figure of 54, the organization now estimates that 28 people died. Of course this is no less tragic. Arguing about numbers of victims is always unpleasant but it is important.


M. Simon said...

The Hizbollah story of Qana is unraveling further.

A French language Lebanese publication, citing an unnamed source in Hezbollah, has claimed that the organization placed a rocket launcher on the roof of the notorious building in Qana to provoke an Israeli attack and brought invalid children inside to serve as victims and blacken Israel's name.

The wheels are coming off.

Israel Israeli said...

lies tricks and deceits about the
Qana casualities --->
1) the strike of the Israeli
air - force was at night while
the alleged explosion was
approximetly 8 houers post the
israeli attack .
2) its not possible that the
residents of that building in
Qana continue to remain in that
place after the Israeli activity
that took place during the night
3) those who claime that the roads
to and from Qana where blocked
due to the air raid srikes will
have to explain how could the
international media arrive so
quickly to the place.
4) medically speaking the
casualities brought out of the
building werent suffering
any crash wounds which is very
uncommon in the alleged kind
of injury.
another thing is the hardening
of the body after death known
as rigor mortis begin 3-4
houers after death and
complited 12 houers from the
moment of death ; while the
Qana casualities were in
a very advanced state of rigor
mortis which can be explained
only as a fraud !!!
5)how can we explain the fact
that the roof of the alleged
striked building is totally
unharmed .
6)many pictures of the
casualities bear several
timing points e.g. the same
victem photographed twice or more
while brought out of the building
to create the false atmosphere
of a much bigger amount of
casualities .
7) royter with much stupidity
change photos with the photoshop
software and will be charged
by the Israelies
for frauds and slander !!!

therefore i dont believe that the
Qana case was created by Israel !!
the one who needed this public opinion is the hizbullah collapsed
terror organization and his associates worthy of contepmt
Royters and other forgerers !!!