Monday, July 17, 2006

Apartment is Shaking

Okay, I am feeling the apartment trembling. It trembled about four times in the last few minutes with the accompanying low, rumbling noise. I thought I might be getting paranoid, but my roommate heard it, too - he thinks it might be a plane. But I've been hearing planes fly over our heads all day long and didn't feel the apartment shake. Anyways, the news aren't updating us about it so who knows.
I don't believe we are still awake; it's already past 1:30 AM. I must definitely go and brush my teeth now and head to bed! Hoping for a quiet night with no sirens. (The shaking continues as I write!)


Anonymous said...

djo san (boker tov)
It is now morning in Hong Kong and before I do anything else, I have come here to check how you are.
I see you had no respite from the attacks.
I want you to know there are many people in the world out there who stand with you in that hallway of yours.
Do not feel alone.
Let me add that your blog is perhaps the most vivid and exceptional live blogging from Israel. Thank you for sharing.
Standing with you,
promise to stay safe and get some rest
Jenny (HK)

NL-ExPatriate said...

Tape Your windows if you haven't already done so. So as to minimize the danger of flying glass.