Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First Haifa Alarm of the Day turns out to be False

One thing that I noticed is that I have become very sensitive to sound over these last couple of days. Although I headed into bed slightly after 2 AM, it took me a long time to fall asleep. A truck winding up the road will sound like the beginning of a siren to me, and I even thought I might be hearing katyushot when it was only the partially open windows softly banging against each other because of the wind. When I finally did fall asleep, the hearing of sounds continued into my dreams. Actually, I've been dreaming about katyushot, sirens, and war for the last few nights and these dreams slowly merge into reality as I was woken up by a real siren this morning before 11 AM. Of course, I met my roommate in the hallway. Although it was a long siren this time, we didn't hear anything. When the sirens stopped, we went to the living to the check the news. It was a false alarm. My roommate was making fun of me that I didn't make an automatic grab for the computer (I had put it under the table in the living room in case the roof collapses). But my computer, "Sabba" [grandfather] as I call him, takes a loooong time to load.
But by now, both Sabba and I are fully awake, stationed in front of the TV as has been the routine (that, or the hallway).

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