Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday's First Siren in Haifa

I wish I could say that there's nothing to report in Haifa, but we just had our first siren. I thought it might just be another false alarm but we heard three katyushot land and the explosions were really powerful. I screamed against my will with each boom. After we thought it was safe, we went back to the living room but jumped back right away to the hallway when we heard a fourth, even louder missile hit.
Hearing ambulances.
My electrical cable from the computer just burned and my laptop's battery is very old so it will last me only for a few more minutes. I will not be able to blog for a while now.
My boyfriend and I will try to drive to Ashdod soon. His parents and siblings live there and we always visit them every second weekend. With these missile strikes though, I don't know how safe it is to be on the roads in Haifa.


delana said...

if i scream loud enough will anyone hear me. this is so know who i would like to blame carmia?.. MEN. if a women ran a country at least someone would know compassion.and no one needs to respond to this with your male would not survive without a women. never mind the obvious reasons.(lol)a women is actaully more disciplined than a man. ok i'll stop.carmia find someplace safe away from there.
Shabbot Shalom!!

Halla said...

Delana, You are RIGHT!! Women do not use their testosterone to act, don't get me wrong we get mad but we are mindful of human sacrifices, nurturers.

delana said...

boy can we get mad. but at times it is my anger, frustration and my love that discipline me as a women and a mother. women are not perfect by nature but live to nurture.

john smith said...

Don't worry the so called terrorist rockets are far less precise than those Israel has aimed at its innocent neighbors.

Halla said...

John Smith, I am not saying that Israel is right in this conflict, I agree they have the right to defend themselves but the government went overboard with creating this war, they are not killing Hezbolla militants they are killing innocent Lebanese!

At the same time, I do not want anyone hurt in Israel as well, this is my homeland after all. Too many are suffering on both sides and I think no one is going to back out because of pride.

Proletariat said...

The citizens of Israel have voted on this politics for several time a go.
It was far easier for Israel solve their "security" problems by helping their neighbourhoods with social and humanity care. Instead they always send missiles against civilian targets. It's like David & GOLIAS...
Sorry if I'm wrong but I don´t see anybody in the streets of Israel marching against their government...
However, I'm glad to found your blog.
Sorry the bad english.^^

Anonymous said...

"Instead they always send missiles against civilian targets."

You are either a leftist, an idiot or just a small minded bigot... Or perhaps some combination.

Carmia said...


Just so you know, you are incorrect. There are demonstrations by Israelis against the war. I know of both demonstrations in Tel Aviv and in Haifa (under the threat of rocket fire).

Please check your information first.

Proletariat said...

Ok Carnia. I'm glad to know it.
About the anonimous intervention...sorry but I can't answer to people who hide their identity. I may be leftist and so on, but about one thing I'm pretty shure...I will always sign my posts!

*Only against Israel government, not against their people.

Proletariat said...