Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Envie de lui péter la gueule"

Recent developments are out in the Zidane-Materazzi controversy that don't yet have anything to do with the Jewish world or the Middle East -- though I should mention that Kishkushim will be the first to correct those who would call Zidane an Arab (dirty or otherwise) and remind them that he is a Kabyle. What's more, some have called the Kabyles the "new Jews of Algeria."

The Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, reports that FIFA, world soccer's governing body, bowing to pressure from the likes of SOS Racisme and Zizou's cousin Mokhtar Haddad, will launch a probe into the circumstances surrounding the headbutt.

The SOS call didn't alarm me as much as this comment from Mr. Haddad: "We think he either called him a terrorist or a son of Harkis [Algerians who fought on the side of France during the Algerian war of independence]."

Meanwhile, French defender William Gallas has declared his support for Zizou. The Frenchman says there is only one thing to do with these Italians: "crack their faces open."

I'm confused. Materazzi says he isn't cultivated enough to know what an Islamic terrorist is, but he knows what a Harki is? Rather than try to solve this puzzle, Jennie has suggested that we perform some tests to see how bad a headbutt to the thoracic zone hurts in an attempt to establish whether Materazzi is as good an actor as the French coach Raymond Domenech.


John said...

Thanks for your post, Noah. I only knew one use of the word péter, and that was "to pass gas". Why is péter la gueule de quelqu'un translated "smashing someone's face in" ? Speaking of idioms, I just found this gem in the french slang dictionary online:
péter plus haut que [son] cul
(literally: to fart higher than [one's] asshole (?) ) translates as: "having an inflated opinion of oneself".

Amos said...

Zizou's cousin is off his rocker.

Has Zidane commented yet? What are people in France saying about Chirac's response(s)?

Carmia said...

Yes, Zidane said his mother and sister were insulted multiple times by the Italian player.

Noah S. said...

I just read some stories in the Corriere della Sera. So Zidane says that no racist remarks were made. The insults were all about his family. Zidane apologized for the "testata" (makes it sound like something edible, doesn't it?) but doesn't regret anything. So I have no sympathy for him anymore.

Now that we've laid the rumors to rest, we can move on to more important things in world affairs!