Sunday, July 16, 2006

More Katyushot Land

11:15: We heard 3 booms, very loud. The last one sounded very close to us. Right now on the TV we are seeing an area that is 7 minutes walking from our house, but I don't think that's where they hit. This time the sirens went off BEFORE the rockets. We were wondering what they meant - a minute later we heard two quick booms, and then another louder one.

BTW, the cat in the apartment here is just chilling like nothing happened. I bet people's dogs are freaking out.

I'm posting a picture of an English map of Haifa. We're in [REMOVED]. There were hits in [REMOVED] and some other places it seems. I didn't have time to edit, so excuse the poor quality.

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Chris said...

Yah, thanks for redacting the locations. No sense helping the Iranian Missile troops who are attached to the Hez. Don't believe the IDF press people. You guys are headed into South Lebanon in a big way next week.