Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Getting Really Close

The sirens sounded again and we ran into the hallway. It's the only space in our apartment that doesn't have exterior walls, windows, or doors. We heard four missiles striking, two of them extremely close. I couldn't help it but I burst into tears. At least this time, the sirens came before the bombs so we had time to retreat to a safer area in the house. Of course, the news can't tell us exactly where the bombs hit in order not to help Hezbollah pinpoint. Now the only sound I'm hearing is ambulances.

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Jen said...

Dear Carmia,
I cry as read your entry. I cry as I write to you.
My heart goes out to you, your family and the country and everyone in Israel. To watch you suffer like this hurts more than I can find words to express. But don't be afraid. Israel remains strong as is it's people, as it's will to exist and as it's future. You will come through this a stronger country. Please know we are with you, even as you run into the hallway or when you sit it out alone in your room. We are with you in spirit and in soul.
You are our heros.
You have my admiration
Jenny from Hong Kong, China.