Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sixth or Seventh Siren

I didn't like the timing of this siren, because they were just interviewing a young, eloquent Lebanese woman over the phone (she was heard yesterday as well) and I am really interested to hear what she has to say. The destruction we saw in Lebanon was horrible. But, the siren wailed and we had to run back to the hallway again. The boom was loud and close this time. There was a second, quiet boom. I'm going back to the living room to watch the news and see what the damage is.

Addition: I just came across this link. Someone from the German Colony, a mainly Christian neighbourhood of Haifa, ran out into the street during an attack. You can hear the sirens and the booms in the clip which I frequently describe during my posts. I don't recommend running outside during the shelling. He's obviously looking for the missile - you can hear him shouting out "wen, wen?" ( = "where, where?" in Arabic).


Alex said...

Hi Carmia,

Just checking to see if you're ok.

Keep safe.


tod0001 said...

I have been following your blog these last days, and once again, I would like to tell all of you;
God bless you and keep all of you safe. My family's thoughts and prayers have been and will be with you.