Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hizbullah in Iraq

While many worry that the current conflict in the Levant will lead to conflagration across the Middle East, Tony Blair insists that Iran is already waging a regional war. And the British, who have felt a steady increase in attacks at their once quiet post of heavily Shiite Basra in southern Iraq, have the forensic evidence to prove it. Blair told the House of Commons in today's Guardian:

"Hizbullah is supported by Iran and Syria, by the former in weapons, weapons incidentally very similar if not identical to those used against British troops in Basra, by the latter in many different ways and by both financially."

The spy site Debka goes so far as to link these Basra attacks to the Abu al Fadal al Abas Brigades, a kind of Hezbollah in Iraq "sleeper cell," which, Debka claims, was activated on the Fourth of July. I guess Kim Jong-il wasn't the only one who wanted to rain on our party.

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