Saturday, July 29, 2006

No End to Sirens in Haifa

I came back to Haifa late last night after almost a week in Tel Aviv and Ashdod. It was nice to have a break from the sirens, the missiles, and the explosions. I think it was a badly needed break. This morning, promptly at 6:5o, we were woken by the air raid warning siren. As usual, I met my roommate in the hallway. We tried to go back to sleep but at 7:05, there was another alarm. Both seem to be false (at least in Haifa). I decided to get up anyways even though I had set my alarm clock for 8:00. There doesn't seem to be a point in trying to go back to sleep. The company I work for has organized a "Fun Day" for its employees in the North.


Halla said...

You can't be serious? A fun day in the north? Carmia, I hope that was a joke!

Welcome back, I think! I missed your updates, especially with my daughter in the middle of it now.

Amos said...

The fun day is for the employees in the north. It's taking place in a town just south of the "danger zone."

Delana said...

Hello carmia glad to hear from you.I love your cats name.i actually prefer cats to other animals(dogs yuk)she passed a while back,but i had the best cat ever HER name was lewis.i know wierd but she had so much character.stay safe.